Fall is Totally Here: Our Weekend

This past weekend, we totally took advantage of the 3-day weekend and the (very) fall-like temps...

Friday started with a much needed haircut for Cam, toddler soccer then dinner.


No, this is not an uber cheesy school picture...it's just Cam's new smile!

Dusty and Cam

Saturday, Chad was fishing all day, so Cam and I hit up Wolfe's Neck Farm's Fall Festival with my Dad (the temps didn't even break 50! cold!)...they had animals, music, hay stacks and corn mazes...Cam had a blast (and slept for over three hours when we got home).

We went last year, too, and had just as much fun! 

The rest of the weekend consisted of a 2 year old's birthday party, Home Goods, Babis r Us, the Children's Museum, groceries and Gone Girl!! If you have read the book, go see the movie!!

Is it fall where you are? Today it's back at 70*, which is so warm for Maine!! I will hold onto these temps for as long as I can, though. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. He is just THE sweetest!!!! :) Love these pictures!

  2. i LOVE cam's soccer practices. they do em right :) and him in that sweater is killing me. when did he get so old?! and gone girl. holy cow they did such a good job with it. i mean the casting was SO GOOD!!!

  3. I love the pictures in the leaves! So cute! And that sweater? ADORABLE!!! We have a front moving through today, and I think we're going to get some nice fall weather behind it.

  4. Such cute photos! I love that big cheesy grin! He looks so handsome with his haircut! And I can't wait to see Gone Girl!

  5. Oh what a PERFECT weekend!! We are in the 70's as well! Trying to soak it up before we get snowed in, yuck!