Fall is Totally Here: Our Weekend

This past weekend, we totally took advantage of the 3-day weekend and the (very) fall-like temps...

Friday started with a much needed haircut for Cam, toddler soccer then dinner.


No, this is not an uber cheesy school picture...it's just Cam's new smile!

Dusty and Cam

Saturday, Chad was fishing all day, so Cam and I hit up Wolfe's Neck Farm's Fall Festival with my Dad (the temps didn't even break 50! cold!)...they had animals, music, hay stacks and corn mazes...Cam had a blast (and slept for over three hours when we got home).

We went last year, too, and had just as much fun! 

The rest of the weekend consisted of a 2 year old's birthday party, Home Goods, Babis r Us, the Children's Museum, groceries and Gone Girl!! If you have read the book, go see the movie!!

Is it fall where you are? Today it's back at 70*, which is so warm for Maine!! I will hold onto these temps for as long as I can, though. 

Happy Tuesday!

Five on Friday


Christmas cards designs are starting to make their appearances, and I couldn't be more excited to share Bella Carta's designs with you!! Jill nails it every. single. time.  Her designs are so clean and fresh and let the pictures do the talking....

How do you even choose?
(We DID decide on a design, and I cannot wait to share them with you all!)

The cutest birth announcement...


We are still renovating our house, and we finally have windows, roof shingles and a back porch!! 

             November 2013                        August 2014                            October 2014


The old planner debate....Erin Condren, Emily Ley or Plum Paper? There was such a boom in the blog world for Erin Condren a few years ago, but now, so many new companies have started making their own that are similar (or maybe they were around before, I just didn't realize it.) I always tell myself that I am going to not order a planner and just use my phone, but I have a thing about paper...I like seeing stuff written out, while I use my phone for appointments so I can get reminders. :) 

I've already tried Erin Condren and Plum Paper, so maybe I will go for Emily Ley's Simplified Planner next year. What do you think?? #firstworldproblems


I am in desperate need of a hair do and a manicure. Luckily, I have a hair appointment on Wednesday and am thinking of going a bit darker...maybe a little red? I have always been a blonde, but my natural color is SO DARK since having Cameron...

My hair will neverrrrr look like like this, but hopefully the more subtle highlights will keep me from looking like a skunk when I pull my hair back.


Happy Weekend, Yall! Cameron and I have a whole day together tomorrow while Chad goes fishing. I think we will hit up a local Fall Festival, take a long nap, then venture to a 2 year old birthday party. Sunday, we will be watching the Pats take on the Bills (and hopefully win two in a row - whoa) and partaking in another long nap. :)

My Body Post-Cameron

Learning to Love your Post-Pregnancy Body

I don't love my post-pregnancy body, but that's entirely my fault. I am the worst at sticking to a routine, so I bought a membership to a gym that's open 24 hours a day. That way, I can go whenever I want. 

Now that I have 24-hour access to a gym, I want classes to force me to be committed to something. But, I don't want to pay the price right now.

So, I bought T25 - who doesn't have 25 minutes a day to work out? For me, it's not the working out time, it's the post-workout: shower, hair, dress...that's not just 25 minutes! (And, it cuts into my nap time.) However, I got amazing results from T25, so I highly suggest it to anyone looking to fit in some quick and effective workouts at home. 

I also tend to indulge in whatever Cameron's eating: mac and cheese, hot dogs, pbj sandwiches...and the wine/cocktails don't help either.

This article pretty much came at the perfect time, because Jennifer Garner says it best: I will always have a baby bump. No, I am not pregnant, but there will always be a bump. Amen, sistah. I know there are some women who get flat abs after having a baby, but they work very hard for them, and they deserve to rock a bikini. I will stick with my tankini until I decide that I don't love my body that much that I will finish the 10-week T25 program and rock some abs again.

Do you love your post-pregnancy body? I have come to accept mine...maybe when I am done having babies, I will invest in a good workout program.

Friday Favorites: Randoms

Oh. My. Gosh. I am so excited that some of my favorite bloggers are back in action for 5 on Fridays.


Football is totally underway, and our house will not be the same until January! (And, that's secretly ok with me! Bring on the snacks, beers and parties!)

If you are a Bears fan, these shirts are a must. Chad and Cameron have matching ones. (I have to stick to my roots with the Pats, but I may order one for myself, too!)



Chad is the master chef in our house (and family), but I don't mind whipping out my favorite dinner every now and then:

I skipped the garlic because the sausage was full of garlic. Chad added some capers at the end, but otherwise, I stuck to the recipe! It's SOO easy! (And, Chad went back for seconds!)



BLUUM vs. Citrus Lane

September Bluum Box

(Click here for sources)

We have been getting Citrus Lane boxes for about six months, but as much as I like them, I wanted to switch it up with Bluum. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of stuff we got with Bluum...they were full-size toys (instead of just a few pieces with Citrus Lane), and it was the same price. I just canceled Citrus Lane because I think Chad will start having heart attacks if I get multiple boxes every month! I hope future Bluum boxes are just as exciting!



I bought this a few years ago, and we still use it. It's so fun to find it in a random spot - It always makes my day.



And, my favorite quote. Read it. Live it. Teach it. 

Happy Weekend!! Chad is going fishing, I'm going to a baby shower, and Cam gets to spend lots of time with Lou Lou!

Toddler Diaper Bag

I have been reading this series since the beginning, 
and I am so glad they started it up again so I could join. ;)

Our "diaper" bag has changed quite a bit since Cam was an infant. Now, it's more about essentials for Cam and stuff for ME! (We have quite a stash of extra clothes, diapers and snacks in the car, just in case...)

Let me start with the actual bag. 
While I was pregnant, I also started a new teaching job. Chad won father/partner-of-the-year award when he bought me a Coach diaper bag that doubled as a work bag. I ended up using it more for work, so I invested in another bag. This time, I stopped by Sea Bags during a Black Friday sale and picked up a smaller tote that we used for a long time. 

We finally got Cam his own back pack from LLBean, so we have been using that since this summer. (Sidenote: We end up carrying it a lot more than Cam, but he does love to wear it!)

BUT, I just came across this adorable bag and may invest in it. It's the Lily Jade Madeline in Brandy...at first glance, it was a little too "hippy" for me, but after seeing it on lots of models (and seeing the inside), I was sold. 

Inside the bag, we have some diapers and wipes, of course, an extra paci (don't judge), some snacks, some water and a few books. Sometimes, we bring along the iPad, but that's for extreme situations, like having to spend an hour in Home Depot. 

What kind of bag do you have? (I am way more interested in that than what's inside!! Haha!)


Welcome, October

I don't have a fall bucket list, but I do have a lot of excitement for things that will happen - apple picking, pumpkins, Halloween, leaves changing, baby showers and birthday parties and lots of football. 

October is perfect. 

It's boot weather, but there's no snow. 

The blanket is always welcomed but not always needed. 

Tea tastes better hot but can still be enjoyed iced. 

There are holidays and parties but not the overwhelming feeling of Christmas. (Although, I will welcome Christmas with open arms!)

I love you, October. I am happy you are here for 31 days!