Our Weekend

This past weekend, we got some stuff done for the house including a trip to IKEA. Our closest IKEA is 2.5 hours away, so it's always a trick to get Cam to allow us the time to walk through the entire monstrosity that is IKEA. 

Before...happy as a clam in the car!

During...still happy with the iPad, Buzz, cookies and milk

After....we didn't even close the trunk before his eyes closed.

We made out pretty well and got vanities, sinks and mirrors for all three bathrooms:

(We are doing 2 vanities instead of a double because of the size of the space.)


Lillangen 23"w x 10"d


Lillangen 23"w x 16"d

We also picked up some other goodies like a step stool for Cam and some cutting boards

I know we will be back a few more times before the house is done, but I think we will leave Cam at home!

After IKEA, we stopped in New Hampshire for our friends' son's 1st birthday party. Liz is Chad's best friend from Culinary school, and she moves to NH at the same time we moved to Maine. It's been so fun to have them nearby!

My men watching the festivities

Joining the street football team

Sofia, Luca's 2.5 years old sister! She's a doll...(We may have already arranged a marriage between Cameron and her.)

Luca, the birthday boy! He was less than thrilled with the hat....

This kid is so mafia, it's amazing...he rarely smiles, but those cheeks!! They kill me!

Sunday, we did breakfast, ran errands, took a family nap then Chad whipped up this delicious dinner for me. I love being married to a chef!

We ended our weekend with the worst score ever in Fantasy Football. Thanks, Aaron Rodgers (and everyone else on our team).

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

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  1. oooh ikea! I love hate that place. Ours is 1.5 hours away, and it is just soooo big. We always get lost. Aria really enjoyed playing in the various rooms last time we went, but she also wasn't walking.