Our Weekend: Sun, Animals and Bricks!

We have been super blessed with an extended summer here in Maine. (Granted, we skipped spring and suffered through winter all the way to May, so I think we deserve it!)

When we got home from school on Friday, we put on Cam's bathing suit, whipped out the popsicles and filled the water table. We got the water table for his 1st birthday, but we didn't use it much until this year! It's the best thing ever!

Then, We went across the street to our playground and had a little dinner picnic (while Cam met a new girlfriend who is four times his age)! 

Saturday, we headed down to York's Wild Animal Kingdom for Sysco's Employee Appreciation Day. I had been wanting to take Cam, but when we got the invite back in June, I knew I would wait to go. I am still iffy on spending loads of money on events for Cameron when I don't know if he'll like it or not. We had a great time, but I think I will wait to take him a few years, when he can go on the rides, too! Mainly because he spent most of the time like this:

He did love seeing real-life "Llama Llamas" and zebras, though!

Sunday morning, Cam stayed home with mom while Chad and I drove to get some bricks to create our backplash in our kitchen...originally, we were going to do subway tiles, but we saw white brick in another home and fell in love. It also goes with our "restoration" look, so we were super pumped to find a great deal on Craigslist!


(This blog used sheets of brick...we got actual pieces of brick and will apply them like tile, so they will look like original brick!)

Sunday afternoon, Cam and I had our usual errand-running date with Chad worked. We ended the night with a small lobster bake and some football. Cheers to a great weekend!


  1. oooh I bet those bricks are going to look fabulous!!! And, glad to hear the water time has a nice long life!

  2. swooning over those bricks!!!!!!

  3. Word up on the whole spending lots of money on kid activities and what not. Michael wanted to go to the first home game here this weekend but tickets are pretty steep. I was thinking with our luck, Chickie would only sit for about the first quarter (if we're lucky) and that's a whole lot of money to waste for nothing. Nope! Love the brick idea! Can't wait to see your new, lovely home!!

  4. What a fun weekend! It still feels like summer here in Utah too; we even went to the waterpark last weekend!