Our Weekend: Soccer, a Bounce House and Fish Tacos

I don't know about where you live, but it is definitely feeling a lot more like fall in Maine! I see some apple picking, pumpkin carving and hot cider in my near future....

Friday afternoon, Cameron had his first soccer experience. I wouldn't call it practice, and it definitely wasn't a game, but there was a soccer ball, a t-shirt with his name on it and lollipops involved. 

Cam was obviously very interested in soccer....

My co-worker, Danielle, and her boy, Finn - He wasn't too into it, either...

We were way more interested in taking selfies....

Saturday, Chad and I catered a wedding in Kennebunkport, and it was off-the-hook. EVERYTHING was monogrammed with their picture or their wedding date, but it was beautiful. The bride invented the Purse Case...she was adorable.

While we worked, Cam and LouLou played...it was my cousin's son's third birthday party and Cam had a blast. He bounced, drove a tractor and ate lots of pizza and cake.

Cam, Will and my cousin, Billi-Jo

 Cam and William...I wished we lived closer; they always have so much fun!

A little ninja action

Sunday, we got up and went to breakfast (one of my favorite traditions), took a ride then Chad took Cam to the playground so I could do some laundry and dishes. After a nice family nap, Cam and I ran errands and took advantage of Target's $10 off $40 of Up and Up brand products. Every time I buy diapers, I wonder if it'll be the last time, but so far, I keep going back for more! 

Sunday night, we were in no mood to cook or get take out, so lucky for us, there are always food trucks in our neighborhood! I ordered some fish and chips and fish tacos from Fishin' Ships and played with Cam on the playground until they were done. Talk about an easy dinner!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I am already counting down the days until it's Friday again. :)


  1. Looks like a perfect weekend! I am ready for that cooler weather to make it down here!! So ready for Fall this year!!

  2. cam in all that grass is the cutest!!! amazing what just a whole lot of grass can do to entertain a toddler. looks like such an awesome weekend!!

  3. I seriously love that pic of you and Cam. So happy! And fish tacos are my jam - so good! It looks like you guys had a great weekend. Cam is adorable.