House Reno: Master Bath

I haven't shared anything about our renovation project in awhile, and that's because I'm trying to be positive. :) We're on our third contractor, so things are moving much slower than we had originally planned. At this point, we are hoping to be in by Christmas. 

The good news is that we are starting to order stuff, which is so exciting, but SO overwhelming. What if it all arrives and doesn't go together? What if something breaks? Ahhh! We are "Craigslisting" a lot of stuff, but we are buying a lot from stores "just in case" they need to be returned/replaced. 

I just ordered our master bath fixtures because they were 25% off at Home Depot. We had originally planned to do IKEA fixtures to go with our vanities, but they don't do shower/bath fixtures, so trying to match those was a headache. Instead, I found some "IKEA-looking" pieces from Moen (although the price is not IKEA!) that I think we will love. 

The plus side of spending over $700 online...thanks, Ebates!

We went with the Moen Method line from Home Depot. Their style is a good mix between modern and traditional, and they were 25% off. :)

(We will replace the showerhead with something removable.)

My favorite piece is the tub trim comes with a little shower wand to rinse off the bubbles when you are done. Genius!

For vanities, we are going with IKEA Godmorgon base with the Braviken sink. Instead of doing a double vanity, we are doing two singles (and two mirrored cabinets).

For flooring, we chose dark gray squares that will carry into the shower, since there's no threshold. (See example below.)

The only thing I am having trouble with is the lighting...

I need lighting for the vanities, the tub, the shower and the toilet area (an alcove next to the shower). There are too many choices!!

For a real update on the renovation, we are hoping to have windows in by the end of next week so the electrician can start working. Tubs and showers are ordered and will be on site Monday for the plumber to begin his part! It is taking a long time, but it's so exciting to be ordering stuff!!!

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  1. God, I can't imagine going through 3 contractors - ugh! Hopefully third times a charm. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I know it's stressful but it's exciting too! Hang in there!