Friday Faves: Ushering in Fall

Maine is not exactly known for it's steaming hot summers, but seriously, these temps are totally pushing us towards fall. As much as I hate to see summer go, I have started to transition slowly towards fall. Here's how:


Books are ordered...Cam was totally not into books last year, so I held off. This year, however, he is a total book worm. I can't wait to sit down with him and read some of these goodies!!


I am a total bore when it comes to my nails. They are either a cute coral in the summer or Lincoln Park after Dark in the fall/winter/spring. I am totally going out of my comfort zone and have switched to a dark gray


I have been adding leggings to my dresses, and it makes me so happy to not have to pull out pants yet. Scarves will be making their appearance soon, but that makes me feel a little too close to winter right now. 

Old Navy leggings are my favorites!

JCrew scarves always speak to my heart 
(only when I can snag them at the Factory store!)


I mean, c'mon...these were in my grocery cart the first day they hit the shelves! 

What's your favorite fall beer??


I think I will be dressing Cameron in holiday pajamas until he's 10...I just can't resist!

hanna andersson never disappoints

And, GAP, of course, has perfect pjs, too!

How are you welcoming fall? 


  1. LOVE that j crew scarf and that nail color is actually perfect for fall! Bring on fall all-the-way! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

  2. Love everything about this post!!! I can't wait to get Halloween books to read to my baby girl! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. LOVING the nail polish and the jammies! I can't wait for fall!

  4. Agh!! I want everything you posted!! Love holiday books AND jams!

  5. I love getting seasonal books too!!! I must confess I've already ordered Thanksgiving and Christmas books too, hehe!! So many fun ideas here!


  6. I love Essie's smokin hot! I just picked up whatever Essie's new dark blue is and a different grey today. Aria and I are excited for fall nails!
    I adore Halloween pjs. I wish I could design my own holiday jams. I hate seeing the same thing every year. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough though

  7. Room on a Broom is such a cute book. Y'all are going to love that one!