Friday Faves: Shopping Lately

It's a good thing that we get rewards from our credit cards, because we have been racking up the bills lately!


Brickyard Buffalo has been getting lots of orders from me lately! (It doesn't hurt that Mint Arrow was the guest editor last week!) Between their deal on BabyLit Books, this black and white cardigan and adorable kid clothes, I couldn't resist!
I looooove these books...if you don't have any, you should invest! 
They are adorable (and also available on Amazon)

Hello! Only $15!


I broke down and purchased Elf on the Shelf...the price was $29.99, and I happened to see it on Amazon for $22.99, so I grabbed it. (And, if you don't have Amazon Prime, you're missing out on free shipping all the time.)


The Wonder Bread Sandwich Sealer has been amazing...Cam loves Uncrustables, but the ingredients are pretty scary, so this allows me to make our own at home. Cam actually doesn't mind the crust, but it's fun to make these "treats" for him. 

Mine don't look as pretty, but they taste just as good!


I finally ordered our family pictures from our beach trip in July. Cam was a terror that day and would not, for anything, pose for a picture. So, yes, I did order this one to blow up huge and frame in our house. 


Anthropologie is coming to Portland, Maine. Thank goodness. I am already looking forward to strolling through the Old Port with my coffee in hand and spending hours trying on dresses. (Who am I kidding, I will be darting in between jobs when I am without-baby!) Nevertheless, I am thrilled!

Happy Friday, friends!


  1. Your family is SO cute!!! Also an uncrustable maker? LOVE. I hate crusts. I swear I am 5 year old. I could live off off PBJ and Morning Star Chicken Nuggets!

    Beardy Heart Beauty

  2. That family picture is awesome, love it!

    Ohhh, Anthropologie, that store is dangerous! They have such pretty things and I want to buy them all!

  3. I need to buy one of those sandwich sealers!
    Love the family pic. Hilarious outtake!!!

  4. We love babylit books around here! I think we need more more more! What a cute bread cutter side smoosher mabob. Aria doesn't eat sammies as it is but maybe one day. bahahah best family portrait ever