A Quick Update

We've been a busy little family lately...between school starting, summer colds and lots of events, we have been on the go a lot! Here are some pictures to fill you in...

Cameron's favorite book is Circus Ship, which is based on a story in Maine! He got it for a birthday gift from Anthony, James & Luca! It's a must read every night, and I actually don't skip any pages to rush through it. :)


The "summer" cold hit our house hard. We've been struggling for a few weeks, but we are finally feeling better. (I think.) We've been wheezing, coughing and sneezing, and Cam caught a mini version of it. Luckily, it only kept us home for a night, and he is back at school doing just fine!


Chad and I before Maria and Frank's wedding...we love any excuse to dress up these days!

Most of the crew at the wedding...between torrential downpours, we were able to capture at least most of the group!


Apparently summer is back? It was chilly two weeks ago, and it's been in the 80's and humid for the last two weeks! Any time I can combine Shipyard Pumpkin and a water table, I am happy. :)


And this guy...he is literally growing before our eyes! I turned around, and he had climbed up the bar stool and started eating his lunch (and, apparently thought he was so funny). Who is this young man?!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Summer colds are the WORST. I swear they pack a punch.

  2. Summer colds, never fun. And, right? They do grow before your eyes! What is with that?