It's the Little Things: Enjoying my Toddler

Once again, I have to thank Ashley and Jess for this link-up. It's always so fun to stop int he middle of the hectic work week and think about what little thing has made me smile. There so many things on my stressed-out-about list, that the positives can get lost in there. 

We have been blessed with a nice fall so never know what you will get in Maine, but I have been a happy camper this month. Cam and I have gotten to get out for some walks and hit the playground almost every night. I love our walks because he talks and talks about the water, the birds, the boats, reminds me that these things are part of our every day life, but so many people spend lots of money to see the ocean. 

Cameron has also been a little challenging lately (read: He's VERY 2 years old), so I love the moments when we interact as two humans. It's amazing. We made muffins for his classroom on Monday, and he sat at the bar patiently and watched me until I let him help. It literally brought tears to my eyes because I felt like I had done something right with him (compared to then 394,762 times that I feel like I've failed as a parent). I love that little guy. Watching your child grow is amazing.

Our Weekend

This past weekend, we got some stuff done for the house including a trip to IKEA. Our closest IKEA is 2.5 hours away, so it's always a trick to get Cam to allow us the time to walk through the entire monstrosity that is IKEA. 

Before...happy as a clam in the car!

During...still happy with the iPad, Buzz, cookies and milk

After....we didn't even close the trunk before his eyes closed.

We made out pretty well and got vanities, sinks and mirrors for all three bathrooms:

(We are doing 2 vanities instead of a double because of the size of the space.)


Lillangen 23"w x 10"d


Lillangen 23"w x 16"d

We also picked up some other goodies like a step stool for Cam and some cutting boards

I know we will be back a few more times before the house is done, but I think we will leave Cam at home!

After IKEA, we stopped in New Hampshire for our friends' son's 1st birthday party. Liz is Chad's best friend from Culinary school, and she moves to NH at the same time we moved to Maine. It's been so fun to have them nearby!

My men watching the festivities

Joining the street football team

Sofia, Luca's 2.5 years old sister! She's a doll...(We may have already arranged a marriage between Cameron and her.)

Luca, the birthday boy! He was less than thrilled with the hat....

This kid is so mafia, it's amazing...he rarely smiles, but those cheeks!! They kill me!

Sunday, we did breakfast, ran errands, took a family nap then Chad whipped up this delicious dinner for me. I love being married to a chef!

We ended our weekend with the worst score ever in Fantasy Football. Thanks, Aaron Rodgers (and everyone else on our team).

I hope you all had a great weekend!!

Friday Faves: Shopping Lately

It's a good thing that we get rewards from our credit cards, because we have been racking up the bills lately!


Brickyard Buffalo has been getting lots of orders from me lately! (It doesn't hurt that Mint Arrow was the guest editor last week!) Between their deal on BabyLit Books, this black and white cardigan and adorable kid clothes, I couldn't resist!
I looooove these books...if you don't have any, you should invest! 
They are adorable (and also available on Amazon)

Hello! Only $15!


I broke down and purchased Elf on the Shelf...the price was $29.99, and I happened to see it on Amazon for $22.99, so I grabbed it. (And, if you don't have Amazon Prime, you're missing out on free shipping all the time.)


The Wonder Bread Sandwich Sealer has been amazing...Cam loves Uncrustables, but the ingredients are pretty scary, so this allows me to make our own at home. Cam actually doesn't mind the crust, but it's fun to make these "treats" for him. 

Mine don't look as pretty, but they taste just as good!


I finally ordered our family pictures from our beach trip in July. Cam was a terror that day and would not, for anything, pose for a picture. So, yes, I did order this one to blow up huge and frame in our house. 


Anthropologie is coming to Portland, Maine. Thank goodness. I am already looking forward to strolling through the Old Port with my coffee in hand and spending hours trying on dresses. (Who am I kidding, I will be darting in between jobs when I am without-baby!) Nevertheless, I am thrilled!

Happy Friday, friends!

House Reno: Master Bath

I haven't shared anything about our renovation project in awhile, and that's because I'm trying to be positive. :) We're on our third contractor, so things are moving much slower than we had originally planned. At this point, we are hoping to be in by Christmas. 

The good news is that we are starting to order stuff, which is so exciting, but SO overwhelming. What if it all arrives and doesn't go together? What if something breaks? Ahhh! We are "Craigslisting" a lot of stuff, but we are buying a lot from stores "just in case" they need to be returned/replaced. 

I just ordered our master bath fixtures because they were 25% off at Home Depot. We had originally planned to do IKEA fixtures to go with our vanities, but they don't do shower/bath fixtures, so trying to match those was a headache. Instead, I found some "IKEA-looking" pieces from Moen (although the price is not IKEA!) that I think we will love. 

The plus side of spending over $700 online...thanks, Ebates!

We went with the Moen Method line from Home Depot. Their style is a good mix between modern and traditional, and they were 25% off. :)

(We will replace the showerhead with something removable.)

My favorite piece is the tub trim comes with a little shower wand to rinse off the bubbles when you are done. Genius!

For vanities, we are going with IKEA Godmorgon base with the Braviken sink. Instead of doing a double vanity, we are doing two singles (and two mirrored cabinets).

For flooring, we chose dark gray squares that will carry into the shower, since there's no threshold. (See example below.)

The only thing I am having trouble with is the lighting...

I need lighting for the vanities, the tub, the shower and the toilet area (an alcove next to the shower). There are too many choices!!

For a real update on the renovation, we are hoping to have windows in by the end of next week so the electrician can start working. Tubs and showers are ordered and will be on site Monday for the plumber to begin his part! It is taking a long time, but it's so exciting to be ordering stuff!!!

Our Weekend: Soccer, a Bounce House and Fish Tacos

I don't know about where you live, but it is definitely feeling a lot more like fall in Maine! I see some apple picking, pumpkin carving and hot cider in my near future....

Friday afternoon, Cameron had his first soccer experience. I wouldn't call it practice, and it definitely wasn't a game, but there was a soccer ball, a t-shirt with his name on it and lollipops involved. 

Cam was obviously very interested in soccer....

My co-worker, Danielle, and her boy, Finn - He wasn't too into it, either...

We were way more interested in taking selfies....

Saturday, Chad and I catered a wedding in Kennebunkport, and it was off-the-hook. EVERYTHING was monogrammed with their picture or their wedding date, but it was beautiful. The bride invented the Purse Case...she was adorable.

While we worked, Cam and LouLou was my cousin's son's third birthday party and Cam had a blast. He bounced, drove a tractor and ate lots of pizza and cake.

Cam, Will and my cousin, Billi-Jo

 Cam and William...I wished we lived closer; they always have so much fun!

A little ninja action

Sunday, we got up and went to breakfast (one of my favorite traditions), took a ride then Chad took Cam to the playground so I could do some laundry and dishes. After a nice family nap, Cam and I ran errands and took advantage of Target's $10 off $40 of Up and Up brand products. Every time I buy diapers, I wonder if it'll be the last time, but so far, I keep going back for more! 

Sunday night, we were in no mood to cook or get take out, so lucky for us, there are always food trucks in our neighborhood! I ordered some fish and chips and fish tacos from Fishin' Ships and played with Cam on the playground until they were done. Talk about an easy dinner!

I hope you all had a great weekend! I am already counting down the days until it's Friday again. :)