Our Weekend

Thank goodness for iPhones, huh? I would have zero pictures if I wasn't able to snap up these memories on my phone!

Thursday night, we took advantage of our neighborhood organization's weekly concerts. This is just the second one we went to this summer, but we have had a blast each time! They are free concerts - you just bring snacks, drinks and chairs! There are also food trucks, which we take advantage of, too!

Selfies with my boy...

Cameron has totally started "flirting" with girls...he couldn't pass up the chance to show off his non hula-hooping skills with the ten year olds (and Auntie Sasa)

Friday, Cam and I had a little date morning with breakfast and the playground before I sent him off to day care. With only one week left before school starts, I need all the time I can get to cross things off my to-do list! However, a little bee (we think) had a different plan and stung Cam right on the eyelid at day care!

right after he got stung

up close

Friday afternoon, he was in good spirits (even though he looked like he lost a huge fight), so we did pizza for dinner with my mom and called it an early night.

When Cam woke up, he could barely open his right eye. He had massive gooeys in both eyes, so we called his doctor, got an appointment, and she gave us a prescription for conjunctivitis. Seriously! Poor kid couldn't catch a break. 

Saturday was busy: visiting a friend's store who was celebrating 15 years, meetings for the house (never-ending) and good old-fashioned family nap. :)

Cameron reading to his new BFF, Mr Potato Head

We have temporary neighbors with two boys - the three of them are attached at the hip! We will be so sad to see them leave on Saturday!

Trouble 1 and Trouble 2!

Saturday night, we headed to the Sea Dogs game with my Dad. We didn't have high hopes for going with Cameron, but we wanted to give it try before the season ends in a few weeks. Cam was not very interested in the game, but had a ball entertaining our neighbors. Thankfully, he took a few 20 minute breaks to watch his iPad so we could watch the game. We stayed until about the sixth inning then headed home.

The only shot of the game...we were too busy wrestling with Cam and drinking beer!

Sunday was another busy day full of errands and shopping, but Sunday night, we got to relax!

Our neighborhood is seriously amazing. They set up a showing of Jaws for free, and it was packed!! There were over 1,000 people there, and the food trucks ran out of food!

Waiting for the sun to go down...

Awkward family selfie!

So happy that Cam's new buddies joined us...they were more interested in the iPad than the movie, which was fine with us! Some of the questions they started asking about Jaws were a bit much!

Finally...the sun set, and we had ourselves quite a good time!!

This was a perfect summer weekend that I didn't want to end....I am thankful that we are soaking it up as much as can before the snow comes. Ahhh....no snow for awhile, please!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. such an awesome weekend. and your neighborhood sounds INSANELY AMAZING!! i mean free concerts AND a showing of JAWS? i love it!