It's the Little Things: Stationary and Coffee

I totally love joining Ashley and Jess to think about something "small" that has made me's a nice break from the overwhelming world we live in. :) Today, I am talking about stationary and coffee! (How can these not make you smile?!)

I finally got the chance to meet the super sweet and talented Super Mom, Jill, back in July. She definitely made me smile with this amazing stationary and return address stamp that she got us for our wedding!

ADORABLE. I am finding so many excuses to send these beauties in the mail...


And, this was the scene after a trip to Walmart after not having coffee one morning...We will never run out again (or at least for the next week).

Isn't it amazing what a super thoughtful gift and some coffee will do to your mood?! ;)

What makes you smile? Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Love the stationary!! Such a thoughtful gift idea. Happy Wednesday!

  2. That stamp is beyond cute!!! Love it! Buckets of coffee are pretty amazing! Things tend to be a bit crrrrazy without the coffee!! Stopping by from the link up! Consider me your newest follower!

  3. Love the stationary and stamp!! Perfect wedding gift!

  4. I hate running out of coffee! And I love address stamps! I can't wait to have one when we own!

  5. Omg, both things would make me ridiculously happy!!!!! I have a constant fear of running out of coffee!

  6. yay i love love love that new stamp!! and on a total side note- i heard a rumor k-cups are going up 9% in a few months. so its a total necessity to stock up now :)