Cameron: 2 Years

24 whole months with you...730 days

A few tons of diapers

Thousands of sippy cups and bottles made

Hundreds of late nights (or really early mornings)

A couple dozen trips to the doctor

Two day cares

Two houses

Two airplane rides

One stamp on your passport

And, two extremely proud, incredibly grateful parents

This post is LONG overdue, but hasn't left my are actually now 2 Years and 1 Month old. You're a TODDLER and a darn cute one, at that!

You can count to 4, then 9 comes next.

You know a few colors - you used to think that everything was orange, but you have started to recognize others. 

You say "O-kay" when told something.

You respond to anything "big boy" (sorry...this is how we bribe you).

You say please and thank you appropriately (and melt my heart when you do).

You love animals and know all of their noises. 

You have fallen in love with Toy Story, Frozen, Dr Seuss movies and Monsters. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse also keeps your attention for a good thirty minutes!

Your appetite is still limited: meatballs, hot dogs, mac and cheese, PBJ, fruit and crackers. You also love when I give you juice for a bribe treat.

You're taking one good nap during the day, but it can last for 45 minutes or three not predictable! You're going down later at night because of summer, which means that you sleep in later (around 7), but that will end soon, as we have to leave the house by 7 when school starts again!

You are back at the day care you went to as an infant for the summer...they are great, but I can't wait for school to start again!

You love to "relax" with Daddy before bed: you two lay in our bed together and watch cartoons while Mommy looks through Facebook does the dishes. 

You are my best little bud and the light of our lives! You're SO smart. You're SO SWEET. We love you, buddy!!!

Mommy and Dadda