Oh, Hey, Friday (Already?!)

I know, I know...most of you have been counting down the minutes until it's Friday, but I literally can't believe that it's already here! We've been in school all week getting ready for the students to return on Tuesday, and I could have used, like, 34,578,345 more days to get ready.....but, alas, Friday is here, and so is the weekend!!! 

Without further adieu, here are five things I am currently loving:


Ice cream before dinner...


Lunch with some friends....if the kids can be entertained while we drink, AND it's acceptable, it's a win in my book.


This past week has had Chad wondering if I'm a millionaire in a secret life. The answer is NO, of course, but I have been getting a ton of fun stuff in the mail! Zulily, GAP, Citrus Lane, Amazon and a giveaway arrived!

Zulily find - reusable Squooshi pouches

Cam loves them (and they're really easy to use)!

I won these super-cute monogram decals from 11 Magnolia Lane...I think it was meant to be so I could show off my new monogram! :)


First of all, they're my entire world. Second of all, they're hilarious together. Do you notice that Chad is pretending to drink the juice box with no straw, and Cameron is pretending the drink a juice box that isn't there. Not scripted, but totally adorable. Cam LOOOOVES his dadd.


This is entirely different post, but our renovation is finally making some progress again...we are actually starting to pick out materials, and it's so exciting (but so overwhelming - I need to stay away from HGTV and Pinterest!)

Master Bath: Gray flooring, white/black shower floor and subway tiles (of course) I can't wait to see it all come together!

Have a wonderful weekend!!! We have a few get-togethers and wedding celebration on Sunday, then Labor Day! I love long-weekends!

Oh, Hey, Last Friday of Summer!

Seriously, where did this summer go? We did have a great one, but I am in shock that it's already time to head back to school.


I actually put together an outfit that I thought was kinda cute...I may have worn it three nights in a row. #dontjudge

How in the world do you style bloggers get good pictures like this? 
I look like I am 400 lbs and have chicken legs!


We are going on a date tonight...in a different state! We are headed to Portsmouth, NH, with some of our very best friends for dinner. They live in Dover, so we are making the trek down there for dinner, and it will be totally worth it! Thank goodness for LouLou who will be home with Cameron.


Our renovation project....don't even ask. We've had to fire then hire a new builder...We are hoping to be in by Christmas (not August, like originally planned).

It'll be worth it. It'll be worth it. It'll be worth it. 


If you haven't tried these, run to the store. Seriously. They are extra good dipped in homemade blue cheese (sour cream, mayo, blue cheese crumbles and some worchestire). Da bomb.


I got together with some of my teacher friends last night!! It was so nice to get together out of work and chat about our lives...we did a pretty good job of not talkin shop!

Happy Weekend!!!

It's the Little Things: Stationary and Coffee

I totally love joining Ashley and Jess to think about something "small" that has made me smile...it's a nice break from the overwhelming world we live in. :) Today, I am talking about stationary and coffee! (How can these not make you smile?!)

I finally got the chance to meet the super sweet and talented Super Mom, Jill, back in July. She definitely made me smile with this amazing stationary and return address stamp that she got us for our wedding!

ADORABLE. I am finding so many excuses to send these beauties in the mail...


And, this was the scene after a trip to Walmart after not having coffee one morning...We will never run out again (or at least for the next week).

Isn't it amazing what a super thoughtful gift and some coffee will do to your mood?! ;)

What makes you smile? Happy Wednesday!!

Our Weekend

Thank goodness for iPhones, huh? I would have zero pictures if I wasn't able to snap up these memories on my phone!

Thursday night, we took advantage of our neighborhood organization's weekly concerts. This is just the second one we went to this summer, but we have had a blast each time! They are free concerts - you just bring snacks, drinks and chairs! There are also food trucks, which we take advantage of, too!

Selfies with my boy...

Cameron has totally started "flirting" with girls...he couldn't pass up the chance to show off his non hula-hooping skills with the ten year olds (and Auntie Sasa)

Friday, Cam and I had a little date morning with breakfast and the playground before I sent him off to day care. With only one week left before school starts, I need all the time I can get to cross things off my to-do list! However, a little bee (we think) had a different plan and stung Cam right on the eyelid at day care!

right after he got stung

up close

Friday afternoon, he was in good spirits (even though he looked like he lost a huge fight), so we did pizza for dinner with my mom and called it an early night.

When Cam woke up, he could barely open his right eye. He had massive gooeys in both eyes, so we called his doctor, got an appointment, and she gave us a prescription for conjunctivitis. Seriously! Poor kid couldn't catch a break. 

Saturday was busy: visiting a friend's store who was celebrating 15 years, meetings for the house (never-ending) and good old-fashioned family nap. :)

Cameron reading to his new BFF, Mr Potato Head

We have temporary neighbors with two boys - the three of them are attached at the hip! We will be so sad to see them leave on Saturday!

Trouble 1 and Trouble 2!

Saturday night, we headed to the Sea Dogs game with my Dad. We didn't have high hopes for going with Cameron, but we wanted to give it try before the season ends in a few weeks. Cam was not very interested in the game, but had a ball entertaining our neighbors. Thankfully, he took a few 20 minute breaks to watch his iPad so we could watch the game. We stayed until about the sixth inning then headed home.

The only shot of the game...we were too busy wrestling with Cam and drinking beer!

Sunday was another busy day full of errands and shopping, but Sunday night, we got to relax!

Our neighborhood is seriously amazing. They set up a showing of Jaws for free, and it was packed!! There were over 1,000 people there, and the food trucks ran out of food!

Waiting for the sun to go down...

Awkward family selfie!

So happy that Cam's new buddies joined us...they were more interested in the iPad than the movie, which was fine with us! Some of the questions they started asking about Jaws were a bit much!

Finally...the sun set, and we had ourselves quite a good time!!

This was a perfect summer weekend that I didn't want to end....I am thankful that we are soaking it up as much as can before the snow comes. Ahhh....no snow for awhile, please!

Happy Monday!!

Our Week in Pictures

As the summer is winding down, we are trying to soak in as many "summer" activities as possible - cookouts, outdoor concerts, playgrounds, ice cream and beach trips!

Photo-bombed by LouLou at El Rayo

FAIL. Sorry, TJ...

Major flooding (6" of rain on Wednesday)

Happy Friday-Eve! 

It's a BIG thing: We got MARRIED!!

Boy, have I missed blogging, but I am so happy to be back and super happy to be linking back up with one of my favorite mother/daughter pairs to share our "little" things each week.

This week, it isn't a little thing...it's a BIG thing!

Chad and I officially (legally/finally) tied the knot, and I am 100% a Scott now! We've been together for four years, obviously had a baby, moved twice and are finally "The Scott Family of Maine" (probably not the only one)!

We had been waiting for Chad's daughters, Peyton and Mica, to come back to the States for vacation (Last year, we went to Holland, so this was their year to come here.) to be with us as we became a family. Our original plan was to have the girls come to Maine and have a big celebration here.

Different plans came together, so we made the drive down to the Outer Banks and met Chad's mother, brother, sister-in-law, and niece. My mom and Mickey drove, my dad flew and the girls met us there.

We rented a house just steps from the beach that slept 12 and had ourselves quite the time...it was truly a vacation that we will never forget - and not just because it included our wedding!

It was the first time we were all together - my parents had never met Chad's daughters, so that was truly special. It was obvious from the first night that we were all meant to be a big family, and it literally brought tears to both Chad's and my eyes multiple times throughout the week.

We decided to get married on Tuesday, July 15, and it was certainly not your typical day-of-wedding events!! Chad was SO sick...he barely got out of bed all day. I ran some errands to get champagne, flowers and medicine for my soon-to-be-husband then hit the beach before the huge storm rolled in! We were supposed to have the ceremony at 7, but luckily, Chad's brother was the officiant, so we were able to be a little flexible. We ended up saying "I Do" around 4:30, and luckily missed the rain! As you can see, the storm clouds made for an excellent backdrop, though. :)

Here are some of our snapshots from the wedding (no professional, just an iPhone)

My Daddy walking me down the boardwalk, up then down the stairs then across the beach

Jim, Chad's brother, did an amaaaazing job with our ceremony! 
There wasn't a dry eye anywhere!

The newly married couple!! (Poor Chad...he just wanted to go back to sleep!!)

My new brother-in-law <3

My new family! Jim, Me, Chad, Tanya and Jordan

Chad's mom, Sharon

My parents

My new niece, Jordan

And finally, my family. I love them all so much with everything I have.

After the ceremony, we went to have some professional family pictures done, since we probably will never all be together again! The session was free, but the poses were so "posed" and Cam go quite bored...this was the best picture we got with him because he didn't know it was happening. Seriously, he was in rare form. The photographer wanted nothing to do with candid shots (boring!), but my dad finally convinced her to snap one of these. The professional one is actually quite nice (because there's no doll)! 

Here are a few shots of the rest of the week. I am sort of disappointed that I didn't get more pictures, but I didn't have my phone much, which was nice, and my battery completed failed me in my regular camera. 

Fishing Charter...huge swells, not a lot of fish, but TONS of fun!

Lots of time on the beach...I don't know who had more fun, Chad or the kids!

Henna tattoos for the girls on a rainy day

Four of the most important girls in my life!

Lots of porch time...THE PERFECT house!

I couldn't have asked for anything better than this week together. I would have loved to have celebrated with our friends and family in Maine, but having the girls there was what was most important. Besides, who needs a big, fancy wedding anyways? ;)