Cameron: 21 Months

These monthly updates are getting harder and harder because the time is going by so quickly! So much is still changing each month, though, so I will continue to write them. :)


You call me "Mom." Not Momma or Mommy, but Mom. Seriously? Do you need to borrow the keys to the car, too? Geez...I was hoping to be Momma for just a little longer!

You are talking so much...sometimes, you try to put a full sentence together and it just comes out as rambling, but we love it. It creates some good laughs for us!

You still loooove Toy Story, Buzz and Woody...they keep your attention for as long as we need (including hours when we are sick). We've tried a few other movies, but to no avail. Toy Story has your heart attention.

You have had some really hard moments and some really super sweet moments - sometimes you just tag along with no questions: put on your jacket and hat, get in the car seat and smile. Other times, it's a full-on wrestling match to do any of the above. I cannot wait for warmer temps so we don't have to GO somewhere for entertainment!

You love to say BYE to people and THANK YOU when they do's adorable. You also say PLEASE when we ask if you want something. I am loving your manners, little man!

You love cheeseburgers. Your dinner list has now grown to: mac & cheese, hot dogs, turkey dogs, meatballs, pasta and cheeseburgers.

You are sleeping so well. You go down around 7:15 and sleep until about 6:15. The time change was WONDERFUL for us because you are still waking up at the same time (You were waking up at 5:15), but you go down an hour earlier! We are loving it. You are still doing one nap from about 12:30 - 2:00 or so...if you are in the car, you usually sleep longer.

We traveled to Burlington, VT, for a family weekend away and it was awesome. You were awesome. You adjusted well, slept well and ate well. I love our family.

You are obsessed with "blankies." You call towels blankies and have to take your own (real blankie) to and from bed with you each night and morning...we have two identical blankets (one brown and one blue) and you choose which color you want each night. I think you would take them both, if we let you, but Momma needs some warmth, too!!

You are wearing 18 - 24 month pants, 18-24/2T shirts and 2T pajamas. Your shoes are size 7 and your diapers are a size 5. You still don't have any molars; I'm really ok with you never getting them!! :)

We are moving into temporary, furnished housing next week, which has made us pack very lightly. I have about ten books and ten toys packed for really don't play with a lot anymore, so I think you will be fine. You prefer empty water bottles, cotton balls and socks over any of your toys. We will also be living across from a playground and on a walking path, so being indoors will be very limited!

You are my best friend. My little buddy. Your daddy and I still cannot get over the fact that God gave you to us. You are beautiful. You are sooooo sweet. You love to give kisses and hugs. You are amazing. Still.

patient, but not impressed, with the hair cut

Best Buddies

Toy Story obsession continues....

Total Ham...see below

I love you, Cam. Thank you for making our lives happier, better and more full of love than we could have ever imagined! 


  1. Gosh he is so cute! His smile is the sweetest. I can't believe he calls you "mom" instead of mommy or anything. So funny! What a big boy!

  2. i'm dying over you getting "mom'd". . . i mean really. what is he 12?! and i swear the kids don't play with toys as much these days-- which makes me sad AND happy. for his birthday i'll totally send him a plastic water bottle or two :) happy 21 months!!

  3. Happy 21 months!!! Cannot believe he calls you "mom" - so funny!!! And he is just so adorable!!!

  4. Oh my gosh! What a cutie! And he says please and thank you? I may need you to send Cam over here for a day and teach Mason a thing or two :)

  5. My goodness, he is cute. He sounds so much like Mac. Fully cooperative one minute to full on tantrum the next. Toddlers are so finicky. Mac also just moved from mama to mommy, which I'm not ok with. Just "mom" would kill me. So jealous of all the good sleeping you're getting out of him. We had a good streak going there for a while but this past week has been awful.