5 on Friday: Updates, Moving and Autism Awareness

I have not seen Frozen. They were playing the soundtrack at Tumble Tikes on Sunday, and I had never heard a single song. I have "heard" of Let It Go, but that's it. I would blame it on being a "boy" mom, but, in reality, it's because Cameron won't watch any movie except Toy Story. No lie.

I am still doing #365daysofcameron, but I have not been posting them on here, too. #aintnobodygottimeforthat! Is anyone else still on board? I know I see a few here and there...

I just started taking Bee Pollen...anyone else try this? It's supposed to help with my allergies and give me a natural boost in the morning! I am willing to try ANYTHING!

We are MOVING next weekend...we are currently renting from the lady who bought our house, and she has decided that she's ready to move in. We will live in a 650 sq ft apartment for about six months...BUT, it's across the street from a phat playground and right on a walking path, so we will be all set! I honestly can't wait. And, I love purging when we move/pack, so this is like heaven for me!!

It's Autism Awareness Month! As a Special Education Teacher, this is such a special month for us to celebrate and bring awareness to Autism. It's such a mystery, but produces some of the most amazing people. I just got my annual Autism bracelet from Stella & Dot and can't wait to get it in the mail next week!

We have some fun plans this weekend...a few birthday celebrations (including my dad's), some play dates and lots of packing! 

Happy Friday!


  1. your totally my hero for still doing the 365. i seriously made it TWO months (and one of them was only 28 days). total fail on my part!! and i LOVE cam's love of toy story. no joke. . . we FINALLY got lex to branch out :)

  2. Well, Toy Story is a pretty cute movie at least!

    Bee pollen - maybe it'll work! One can only hope =)

  3. Seriously could that kid get any cuter?! Oh my goodness. And Frozen... to be honest, I was worried about showing Mason. But I wanted to watch it so bad that I didn't care...and he actually sat still and WATCHED it for a solid 20 minutes. I consider that a win since he will only sit still that long for Mickey these days. Watch it! :)

  4. I haven't seen Frozen or heard any of the songs too (I'm so out of it!). I also blame it on being a boy mom whose kid will ONLY watch Bambi 2. SO MUCH BAMBI.

  5. I hope the move went well!
    I have never heard of taking Bee Pollen, but I have heard that eating local honey helps with allergies!

  6. This is an interesting 5 on Friday list. And in all of these, the moving was definitely the one that probably took most of your time. It’s a good thing you love the moving and packing tasks. Also, congratulations for selling your house, even if it means that you have to rent for the meantime. But with all the process of selling your house, it’s a relief that it’s finally over. Hopefully you'll find a new one soon!

    Jeffery Ramsey @ InnerCityYYC