It's the Little Things...The Simple Things

This series has my brain in total over-drive but for a good reason! There are so many little things that happen every day, and I've stopped to think about each one! So, thank you, Ashley!

Every Friday night, we go to dinner with my dad. It's never anything fancy - just Macaroni Grill, pizza or Longhorn, but we look forward to it every week. Sometimes, it's a little rushed because we try to get Cam home by 7 for bed, so it's nice when we have a little extra time. 

Chad had been wanting to get Cam a new bath toy, so we stopped by Toys R Us after dinner on Friday. My dad stumbled upon the Hot Wheels aisle, and the rest is history...I've never seen two grown men so excited about $0.99 cars, but they were in heaven!

Decisions, much track should we get? How many loops and jumps should it have?

Please excuse the poor quality below, but I was too focused on how excited this little BOY was to pay attention to the pictures!!

Look at that excitement!! PRICELESS

I think we did this almost 100 times...$20 well spent, my friends!

This night was so simple, so inexpensive, but so amazing. To watch three generations enjoy the same toy almost had me in tears...I love the though of Cam playing with this track for many years to come and my father enjoying it just as much as him. 

Thank you, Hot Wheels. :)


  1. Ha! This looks awesome!!! I love how boys never outgrow those hot wheels... Pretty sure the excuse to play with them again is why dudes want sons ;) SO cute!

  2. Oh my goodness....look at that track!! Love seeing grown men act like kids!!

  3. Okay, this is awesome :) Love it!!
    Jessica @ Kate & Trudy //

  4. Visiting from the link up. I love this post! It's so nice that you guys go to dinner with your dad once a week.

  5. Oh gosh how fun is that?! Little boy heaven!