It's the little things...

I am joining Ashley this morning to share one of the "little things" that makes my world go 'round...

This guy. Every morning. 

Sometimes, he wakes up at 4:00 and we head to the couch to snooze some more. 

Sometimes, he wakes up at 5:30 am and we head to the couch to snooze some more. 

Sometimes, I wake up before him and start getting ready. This is my least favorite way to start the day. Despite the grogginess that comes with being woken at 4:00, I am already dreading the time when he stops wanting to cuddle in the morning. 

I know it's a bad habit to let him sleep on the couch with me, but I can't help it. (I also want to get more sleep instead of listening to him cry.) I love to start each day with this little guy on my chest/lap...the mornings when I don't get to (like this morning) just feel rushed and unimportant.

It's the little things....

Our Weekend was this...

This past weekend was a weekend of no plans - the best!!

Friday night, we stopped by the local girl's basketball game (where I teach) to watch one of my students was so fun to see her in a different atmosphere and to see her parents!! After, we headed to Longhorn for some heart dinners and beers. :) What else is there to do on a cold winter night?!

our little athlete loves to watch any sport with a "ball!'

Saturday morning, we were up and at 'em nice and early with a yummy breakfast by Chad followed by a haircut for Cam!

sharing his bacon with LouLou

Cam didn't cry for the first time and they used the electric clippers!

Next was a quick trip to our house to see the's soooooo exciting to see it opened up and actually be able to envision our HOME there!

our living room

our "breakfast nook" - the stairs and wall are coming down, and in its place will be a cozy breakfast nook!

our kitchen...these are the same stairs that will be coming down, so it will be 16' of counter space then our breakfast nook!

Saturday night, we went on a DATE! We went to see Lone Survivor, which had me in full on tears at the end. 

Sunday, I was so sick all day. I could. not. stop. sneezing. 

Chad always works on Sundays, so Cam and I went to my dad's so he could help take care of Cam. My aunt, uncle and cousin came over for lunch, so it was nice to have some help while I laid on the couch helpless. Ha. 

So, my Sunday consisted of snuggles with this guy and some Candy Crush (when I could open my eyes). I finally beat a level I've been playing since before Christmas! #firstworldproblems

he loves seeing himself in the phone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a good week....I am ready for spring and above freezing temps!! 

5 on Friday: Our Life Lately

I have been slacking big time on 5 on Friday posts, but I love them so much that I wanted to jump back in. :)

We are still moving forward on renovating our house. There are no longer walls, just studs. Windows are being removed, the chimney is gone and all of our contractors are in place. Next step: tearing down a part that needs to be*t is about to get real!

My mom turns 50 on Monday, so we threw her a "surprise" party last weekend at a local bowling alley. There were lots of friends, props and cocktails (plus some bowling and food, too).

Babies, babies, everywhere!! There are so many babies coming into this world right now - Emily just had sweet baby Claire and Jill is just waiting for her two boys to join her and make a family of five any day now! AND, so many people are expecting! Don't even ask me when Baby #2 is's nowhere on the radar (well, kinda, but not anytime soon)!

The girls (Chad's daughters) are coming to visit this summer! They've never been to Maine, and we haven't seen them since we went to Holland last March! We are looking for a lake house to rent that will fit all of us plus Chad's mother, brother, sister-in-law and niece - I can't wait!!

Spending Freeze!! We are officially on a spending freeze after my birthday, Christmas then my mom's birthday. We just purchased a sectional and kitchen table for our house, and we don't need to buy anything else for awhile. I want to put away as much savings as we can (and pay down our debt more) before we move into our house because you know there are going to be so many things we will forget about!

How do you handle the expenses in your house? Do you share accounts with your partner? Do you have a spending account and a bills account (We do!)? Do you use cash? I always love to hear other ideas about how to handle your family's finances. 

Happy Friday!

Love is in the air....

I always say that I'm not going to get as into "x" holiday because it's silly. Then it gets closer and I dash to find a cute outfit for Cam and some fun gifts (that are usable, too...we are trying to have less stuff).

Like every other holiday, Valentine's Day has crept up on us and is less than a month away!! I know that it's just a "Hallmark" holiday, but it's still fun to celebrate and break up the winter-blues. Who doesn't love a reason to shower your significant other with love and buy fun gifts for your babies?

Valentine's Day 2014

What are some of your Valentine's Day gifts?? I love to hear other people's ideas!

PS Can you believe how little Cam was last year?

Paint Nite Portland

Have you heard of Paint Nite? It's a "new" (to our area) event where you go to a restaurant, order some drinks and create a painting while being coached by an artist. I am the worst artist in the entire world - like, I would shudder if a teacher ever asked us to draw anything - but I somehow painted something half-way decent. 

My mom's birthday is coming up, so I asked a couple of her friends to join us and we all had a blast. 

Here's a quick slideshow of our evening:

My momma and me...

Blank canvases..the wine had been poured and our imaginations started flowing. Hahaha!


This is definitely something I want to do would even be fun with couples (even though it was all women this time) or something to do at your house!

This weekend, we are throwing a 50th birthday party for my was a surprise, but we ended up letting her know to make everything easier. (It's so hard to pull off a surprise party for someone you live with!) I am sure I will have lots of fun pictures to share with you all! 

Happy Friday, friends!!

Cameron: 18 Months

Little Man,

18 months, huh? How did we get here? At times, it felt like we would never arrive, but now, I wonder where the time went. I never wished away time, but I did with for this time. The time when you would give me kisses. When you would run to me and say, "Hi, Momma." or "I love you." Insert heart melting. The time when you would sit through an entire book. The time when you would interact with us and show your sense of humor. The time when you would sleep for 2 hours during the day!! The time when you would play independently. The time when you would hold my hand as we walk down the street together. The time when you could enjoy things like Christmas, ice cream and playing in the snow. That time is now, and I couldn't love it more.

You're amazing. Your vocabulary is amazing. You are saying phrases and understanding so much. Your new favorite thing is to ask "What's that?" You recognize things and remember where things go. You have some toys that come from TV shows (I always swore I wouldn't allow that, but it makes you happy, so I do.) and you point to the TV then to your toy. You AMAZE me, buddy.

You love cars, balls and books. You are getting into TV and although we don't want you to only watch tv, we do enjoy the little of peace we get while cooking dinner or scrolling through Facebook. ;)

This past month, you've been a JOY. You've had some amazing days (and some cranky ones, too). You finished going to Just Kidding day care and are starting at a new one on Monday. We've spend the past two weeks together while on break and have had so much fun! We've gone to the library and Children's Museum, Target (of course) and grandpa's work!

Mommy and Daddy are renovating a house for our family! The walls have started to come down and we even snuck a little playroom into the plans for you. We are so excited for you to have your own bedroom and play area!

You are wearing size 4 diapers, but I just bought some size 5. You have been pretty healthy except some random vomiting - no fever or other symptoms, but you threw up a few times over a couple of days. We thought it was a reaction to milk, but you are fine now. You are still drooling like crazy and chewing on everything, but no new teeth...we are stuck at 16.

You get your 18 month shots next week, so no new stats yet. You are heavy to carry around...I can tell you that!

You don't love Santa...obviously

At the Children's Museum in your "inventor" glasses

This month has been busy...too busy for many pictures! We've celebrated, visited and played, played, played. I love you to pieces and tell you a dozen times a day! I can't thank God enough for choosing ME to be your mommy. I am the luckiest woman in the world.