Our Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday night, we skipped our Friday-night-date with my dad because we were invited out to a "real" dinner with no baby! We were so excited to get "dressed up," (which meant heels for momma) and enjoy some wine and adult conversation without nursery rhymes playing on repeat on YouTube.

I didn't snap any pictures because, well, I was too busy enjoying my dinner and wine and company. :) Actually, the company was the best, followed by the wine...the food was really nothing special, but who I am to complain? 

By the time we got home, I was lucky to make it to bed before falling asleep! Not from the wine, but from pure exhaustion. Sidenote: Cameron has decided that 4:45 is a good time wake up, so this has taken quite the toll on us!

Saturday morning, we went appliance shopping (again) to try to finalize an order. We ended up finding Chad's dream range: A Wolf 6 burner...holy moly was he excited! We also got a hood, backsplash, fridge, two dishwashers (yes, two...we can hardly contain our excitement), standing freezer, washer and dryer. Shew! Now, we just need a microwave and possibly a wine fridge...they are so darn expensive, though!

Saturday afternoon, we worked on the outside of our new house! It felt so good to get our hands dirty, but we were tired when we were done! We ordered in Thai and spent the night relaxing. :)

Sunday morning, we had some friends over for breakfast and Chad, once again, did not disappoint. He made a "European" spread with lots of meats, cheeses and chocolate!

After breakfast/brunch, we packed up our wagon and headed to our new 'hood...we just can't stay away! We explored the neighborhood and took in the beautiful views. We are so lucky to be moving to this area!

that's our green house...I cannot wait to fix her up!

Sunday afternoon, Cameron and I hung out with Jameson while Lynn and Gabe did some home shopping for themselves...they just bought a new house, too!! We watched Polar Express, went on another wagon ride and swung til we couldn't swing anymore. 

Sunday night, we met up with my Dad since we skipped our Friday night date then cozied up on the couch to search Pinterest and watch football. ;)

I hope you all are having a great week!!!


  1. that brunch spread looks DIVINE. seriously. my mouth is watering! and a 4:45 wake up?! oh heeeeeeeck no. but i love how cute your little guy looks all bundled up!!

  2. sounds like the perfect weekend! :)