30 While 30 Update

I know that a lot of people have made 30 Before 30 lists, and I did, too, but getting pregnant just shy of turning 29 really made a lot of the things on my list impossible. Literally. Like sky diving. Or a trip to Napa Valley.

So, I created a 30 While 30 list and have just updated it since today is halfway to my 31st birthday (wowza)!

Things that I have accomplished:

1. Get a stamp on my passport - We went to Holland last month to visit Peyton and Mica.

6. Plan a fantastic 1st birthday for Cameron - June 29th is the date to celebrate!

7. Find a church to attend - We had been going to East Point Christian Church but have been slacking due to travelling and illnesses. Hopefully we will be back this week!

9. Get a permanent job - It's in the books! I am a contracted, permanent teacher in the same position I currently hold. I could not be happier and thank God everyday that I have been given this opportunity.

10. Save $2,000 cash - We saved it and spent some of it in Europe, but we are starting to put more aside! I hopeful we will bypass this amount by my birthday!

11. Have a date night at least once a month - This is so important to us! What will we do this month? Hmmm...

14. Have dinner with Dad at least every 2 weeks - We have dinner with Dad every Friday night! This is one of my favorite traditions, and I know he loves our time together, too.

16. Drive up Route 1 - We drove up to Rockport in January for Mom's birthday...maybe we will get a little further later this year!

18. Start my Arbonne business - This is going great!! I am getting more and more comfortable introducing Arbonne to people and have gotten some great customers out of it!

19. Get Cameron involved in activities outside of day care - We did a 7 week swim lesson, and he absolutely loved it. We will be going back in the fall! I think we will also add on a little tumbling class, too.

21. Find our own house - we hear today or tomorrow if we are approved to start building! Please keep your fingers crossed!

22. Do a 30 day detox - I did this in February and had amazing results. I am going to do it again very soon!

23. Do 100 push ups and 5 minute plank - I have started the 100 push up challenge

So, 13/30 things isn't bad! I am still hopeful that I can achieve all of them by my 31st birthday (December 10)!

Do you have a "list" anywhere? How are you doing on it?


Friday 5

What a week...here it is in pictures because I'm not sure there's anything left up where my brain used to be located!

1. This was totally necessary last night...I waited until bathtime to crack a beer, but I could have used one around, oh, 11 am!

2. We have been struggling with Cameron's eating. He tries everything but spits most of it back out. Sometimes, he likes the flavor, so he chews and chews then spits out the food instead of swallowing it! His favorites right now are mandarin oranges, corn, yogurt, applesauce and any baby snacks. That's it. 

3. Someone has grown attached to only sleeping while being held. I love this more than anything, but it's going to be a b*tch to break this habit!!

4. I have succumbed to letting Cam play with anything in order to keep him entertained for a few minutes. 

5. Little Cam waiting to see his doctor...let's hope his fever has broken for good!!

Wow, I just realized that all five pictures are of Cam. That has been our life, though, so I hope you enjoy them!! :) Next week, I promise to include something besides our adorable son. ;)

Happy Friday!!


Cameron: ELEVEN months!

One more month until we start counting in years...I can't even believe it. You are such an amazing blessing to us and I make sure to take just a few moments each day to take it all in...it is going by waaay too quickly, my love.

Teeth: 8 but possibly a few more on their way

Health: You got an awful stomach bug right when we got back from Holland. You got sick a few times, but had a nasty spell of diarrhea for almost two weeks! You have been amazingly healthy otherwise!

Social: We have been outside as much as possible, so you have seen lots of new faces. We went to Sarah/Katrin's one night to visit and have been having our usual weekly dinners with Grandpa. We've been laying low since our trip, though, so you've had lots of family time.

Toys: Tupperware band parties have become the norm before dinner. You still love your old toys, standings up on stuff and you are still putting everything in your mouth. We are planning on getting lots of outdoors stuff and your birthday is coming up, so we will see you get then!

Sleep: We have been trying to get you on a schedule of naps at 9:30 and 1:30, but you just don't sleep long, especially at day care. We are lucky if we get 40 minutes out of you! You have your last bottle at 7:00 pm and go right down. We did have to do some sleep training last weekend in order to stop your 4:30 am wake ups...now you are sleeping right until 6:00 am!

Food: You love mandarin oranges, applesauce, yogurt, pears and corn. We have given you so many things to try, and you either spit them out immediately or chew, chew, chew then spit them out (apples). I'm not sure if you like the taste, but not the texture, or what, but it's still a work in progress. We have transitioned to bottles only in the morning and before bed, so you are using your sippy cup a lot more.

You love to play with balls. You "throw" them back to us and we clap like crazy, which makes you clap like crazy and smile from ear-to-ear. It's one of our favorite things to do after dinner...

When you don't want something, you push it away (well, more like throw your arms around until there's nothing in front of you). We are working on sign language for "all done" which sort of resembles you throwing your arms around like crazy, so it works, but I do think you're getting the hang of it!

You can climb all the way up the stairs and have explored climbing back down...you finally succumbed to going hands first, which didn't work so well! (Luckily, I was right there to catch you, but geez...let's try another way next time!) You have also learned to scoot off the couch or a chair backwards. I am extremely impressed with this self-taught skill!

One of our new favorite games is to crawl and have you chase us. We have to keep looking back to let you know we are still playing, and you crack up instantly! Gosh, I love interacting with you!

You LOVE being outside. The grass. The beach. Anything! You love the breeze and the sun and all of the things to look at.

You think it's hilarious when I fake cough after you really cough. So you fake cough so I'll fake cough again. I love it.

You love to crawl up to your bookcase, pull yourself up and continue to pull every book off the shelves onto the floor. Then you move onto your toy box and leave your books for me to put back.

If we are eating something and you want it, you throw a fit when we won't give it to you.

You have learned how to open and close doors. This is kind of scary.

Here you are, baby...our little man on the move who makes getting pictures almost impossible. I love you more than words could ever say. You are challenging, but when you look at me with those moon eyes and give me your one-dimpled smile, my heart literally beats faster and I thank the Lord that he chose you for us. You are amazing. I love you.

Oh, yes...you have discovered "yourself."

Look at that hair!!! We refuse to cut it...

Mommy & Daddy

Dinner Party

I just found this post in my drafts and wanted to post it to remember it...

A few months ago, my mom had a friend in town, so we decided to have a little dinner party. Well, we happen to have one of the best chefs on the East Coast living in our house (no, seriously...he's worked with all of the big names you see on tv!) so we were totally spoiled for the night!

Appetizers were baked brie with fruit, smoked salmon balls, and a charcuterie plate.

2nd course was homemade butternut squash agnolotti - no picture because we ate it too fast, but soooo delicious

3rd course was Coca-Cola braised short ribs with chedder polenta. Oh my. 

And throughout it all, we downed a few (well, who's counting?!) bottles of very delicious wine!

Our fabulous friends (and Cam)!