Memorial Day

Wow, where did this week go?? I am so behind in every aspect of my life, but I will just blame that on the awesome 48-hour stomach bug I got mid-week!

Anyways, here's a picture recap of our Memorial Day celebrations. Chad had to work, but he works from home, so he tried to do as little "road work" as he could so he could still spend some time with us (and the NCAA Lacrosse Championship on tv...let's be honest). 

The two pictures below are called "Keep Cam Entertained until Nap Time at 9 am."

When Cam woke up from his nap, we went outside as fast as we could because it was the only day that it didn't rain all weekend!!

Pictures are not as easy to capture these days...

While Chad and I (read: Chad) BBQ'ed some burgers for dinner, Mom played with Cam outside and went on a little walk around the neighborhood. Cam loooves the outdoors and is climbing up/on everything lately!

Playing peek-a-boo

As you can tell, we took full advantage of the beautiful day and ended it with a very American BBQ!


Holland - In Pictures

This post is about two weeks overdue, but here is a recap of our amazing trip to Holland!

When we arrived on Saturday, we gathered our suitcases, got our car and drove to the girls' house. By the time we unpacked, got settled and got dinner, we were ready for bed! (It was 3 pm back home!) I couldn't believe it, but we all slept through the night and were ready for our week-long stay!

Sunday was Peyton's 10th birthday, so we started the day off with some horseback riding. (The girls' have their own horse that they care for and train with!)

We also did some site-seeing around their town and saw some beautiful things....

Later in the day on Sunday, we headed to Giethoorn - about 30 minutes away. It was full of cute restaurants and shops right along the canal. (I soon learned that everything in Holland is right along a canal!)

We ate so much food while we were there, and everything was either on a pancake or fried. Luckily, we walked enough to counter all of the calories! ;)

"Pepperoni Pizza Pancake"

Kroket and Patat

Peyton, Chad and Mica

Cam, Mica and Pey looooved each other!

Monday was rainy and chilly, so we went to an indoor water park for a few hours and had so much fun!! I didn't get any pictures, but just imagine 4 different pools, a wave pool and a kiddy pool along with a blown up slide for the big kids! It was a blast!

In the afternoon, we decided to get out while the sun was out and ventured to Zwolle. It was a mini-Amsterdam and so cute! The people, the bikes, the was all amazing. 

On Tuesday, the entire country celebrated as their leadership switched from a Queen to a King. Keeping this in mind, we wanted to stay far away from big cities and celebrations. (It was very similar to NYE in NYC - not a good idea with 3 kids!) So, instead, we decided to go to their local amusement park. All four of us had so much fun. I think Chad was pleasantly surprised. ;)

Wednesday was the day we decided to head into Amsterdam. It was so much more crowded than we anticipated, so we didn't stay for that long. It also took us forever to get there, so we were tired, hungry and frustrated from the beginning. But, it was so amazing to see, and I am SO glad we went. 

Thursday and Friday were relaxation days for us. The girls had horse lessons and we were frankly pooped! We played outside, rode bikes and just enjoyed time together without rushing around a city. 

We have about 3927438 more pictures, but I think these highlight our trip nicely. It was my first trip to Europe and, simply put, it was amazing. The food, the language, the people, the fashion, the architecture, the cars, the driving...everything! I loved it and can't wait to go back!!


A Day in My Life

I so totally should not have read Sara's A Day in My Life post before writing my own because hers is hilarious, but here it goes...

1:30 am - Cam wakes up and cries for his paci...I put it back in for the 4th time and hope that's all he needs. It is, and he goes back to sleep. I don't. My allergies are killing me and my throat is so stinkin dry that I suck on three cough drops before finally dozing off again.

3:30 am - Cam wakes up and cries for his paci...When are we going to take that darn thing away? Maybe next weekend...

5:00 am - Cam wakes up and cries for his paci...nope. He's hungry. I throw my robe on, grab his bottle out of the fridge (I've gotten smart as to save 45 seconds each morning by pre-making a bottle before bed), grab him and head to the couch. He drinks 4 oz and puts his paci back in. He leans on my chest and is fast asleep immediately. I have discovered the most perfect position to be able to sleep while holding Cameron on the couch but this morning is a little trickier with my cold. Ugh

6:15 am - Chad wakes up, kisses me on the head, uses the bathroom and takes over Cam-duty. I stumble to the bathroom and take a shower. I turn the water temperature up as high as I can tolerate and pretend I have all the time in the world...until I realize that I am already running late. I hop out of the shower, do my face routine, brush my teeth, throw some mousse-ish stuff into my hair and check on Cam. Chad is at his desk booting up his computer while Cam is in his highchair in front of the tv (great parents, huh?!). Cam is calm, so I continue getting ready by picking out the most convenient outfit and throwing it in the dryer to get the wrinkles out. I choose some coral capris, a brownish sweater, flats and a scarf...a very typical outfit for me.

6:50 am - Cam starts crying and we attribute it to getting bored sitting in his chair. We leave him in his chair for a minute while I hop around to get dressed and Chad finishes an email. He continues crying, so Chad goes to get him. I notice some wetness on his back and immediately assume he's had another blowout. His pants are wet and, now, so is Chad. I do diaper duty while Chad entertains Cam...he's not buying it and is in an awful mood. He looks so tired and weak, so I say I'll call the doctor.

7:00 am - Cam is dressed in a new outfit, we say goodbye to Chad and head upstairs. My mom is making coffee and takes Cam for a few snuggles while I pack the car. (I had some Arbonne goodies to deliver to co-workers today.) I attempt to put Cam in his car seat and he wiggles and squirms until I finally get him buckled in. All I want to do is go back inside and cuddle him all day. Sometimes I hate that I work and send him to day care. :(

7:10 am - We leave for day care and I try to sing to Cam to calm him down. (I am the world's worst singer; why do I think he enjoys it?!) He finally sees something out the window that catches his attention until he loses his paci and starts crying...seriously? We need to stop that ASAP.

7:20 am - I drop Cam off at daycare and don't mention anything about health issues - bad mom, but I can't miss work again today (I missed this past Monday and 2 days last week). If he's sick, they'll call me. Trust me...they're not afraid of that!

7:28 am - I call Cam's doctor. They open at 7:30. FML. I blast some rap (our car has an amazing bass) and pretend I'm not a teacher.

7:33 am - I pull into school and head to my classroom. I make small talk with lots of teachers along the way and can't wait to get to my Keurig and get some caffeine into my system! Students come in to do homework. I check emails. The school starts getting louder and the day has started.

8:00 am - 2:20 pm School is in session and I work like a busy-bee writing reports, updating my resume for school board approval, researching our benefits package and molding the minds of our future.

2:30 - I do detention duty three times a week (A little extra scratch in each paycheck adds up!) and 1 student shows up. It's 75 degrees outside (the first day it's been above 50 all year), so the assistant principal tells me I can send her home, if I want. Are you kidding me? I don't want to be there, either! See ya!

2:40 - I pick up Cam just as they put him down for a nap. I am hoping that he'll take a quick nap at home then we can go to the playground.

2:50 - I feed Cam a bottle, put him in his crib, change into shorts and a strapless tank in hopes of getting some sun while he naps.

3:05 - I am sitting on our back porch with the sun on my face when I hear a baby crying. It can't be Cam! He's exhausted...

3:06 - It's Cam. He won't nap. Let's go for a walk. Maybe you'll nap in your stroller? We head to Walmart (classy mom, huh?!) to pick up some allergy medicine, protein bars and another travel wipe case - I can't seem to keep one for longer than a couple of months. He doesn't nap.

4:30 - We return home and find that Chad is home, too! We play and entertain Cam until it's time for his doctor's appointment - magazines, watches, remote controls...really anything that isn't a toy!

5:30 - We arrive at our doctor's office and try to keep Cam from knocking over plants, water machines and newspaper racks.

5:40 - The nurse comes to get us. We strip the boy down, check his temp (ouch) and get a weight.

5:45 - The doctor comes in (they never leave us waiting long, thank goodness) and does an overall check - everything's good; Cam just has a virus. He does want us to collect his stools for 24 hours...that sounds like fun. Said nobody ever. Oh, the joys of parenthood. ;)

6:30 - We finally leave the doctor's office after asking 942 questions and decide on Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. The Bruins are playing Game 1, but we will most likely be home before the game even'll still be fun to be there for the pre-game coverage.

7:00 - Beers and wings are ordered. Cam is chowing down on some baby snacks (and napkins, oops) while eyeing our beers...he is definitely our child.

7:30 - We sign our check and head out the door. We need gas (We drive a dump truck apparently) and ice cream, of course. Our local ice cream store knows us (and Cam) by name since we went there every. single. night while I was pregnant. Thanks, mint chocolate chip!

7:50 - Cam is changed and fed and it's time for bed. (We really need to get on that schedule thing...we are never home to do a bath at the same time, so he kind of goes to bed between 7:00 - 8:00.)

8:00 - Cam is fast asleep, and so I am. On the couch. While Chad watches the Bruins. This darn head cold has worn me out! He gentle wakes me and sends me to bed. He's the best. 

9:30 - Cam wakes up and cries for his paci...we both fall right back to sleep.

11:30 - Cam wakes up and cries for his paci...we have to get rid of it this weekend. We'll see about that. 

And, that's a very typical day in our life, even though every day is oh-so-different. I love it and wouldn't change it for the world!!



I know I just did a random post on Wednesday, but I have so much on my mind and there's no way it could all go into one post without being another "random"'s what I'm best at. :)

First of all, thank you for all of your sweet comments and tips on Cameron's 1st birthday! I am having so much fun planning it; I can't wait to see it all come together!

I just stumbled across this blog and love it.

We have a busy little weekend ahead of us - Chad is doing a breakfast at work tomorrow morning from 5 - 8 (yowzas). Cam, Dad and I are doing a walk at my old high school at 10, then at 1, we are going to a Sea Dogs game. Our family is coming down for the game, so we will go do something after (maybe the park if it's nice?) Last time, we made an afternoon out of Cabella's and Famous Dave''s was pretty awesome, if you ask me! There's nothing like good old family time.

The top button on my iPhone isn't's totally a First World Problem, but it's quite annoying. So, I'm sorry if I butt-dial you; I can't turn my phone off!

Speaking of phones, we racked up $300 in international roaming charges. How, you ask? I have no freaking idea since we only had our roaming on for 45 minutes total!!! I need to call AT&T and get that reduced.

We have turned in all of our paperwork to our mortgage company and are just waiting on a phone call...please keep your fingers, toes and ears crossed for us!!!

We took Cam to the doctor last night because he's gotten sick four times in the last 10 days and has had some very interesting bowel movements. The doctor checked his temp, weight (18 lbs 12 oz), ears, eyes, throat, stomach, etc...and diagnosed him with a plain ol' virus. He did assure us that he's hydrated, there's no diaper rash and he'll be just fine. It was nice to just sit and talk for 30 minutes, though. We love our doctor. We leave every appointment and turn to each other and say, "I like him." Ha.

Have you read Jessica's blog post about her recent hotel stay? I burst out laughing...enjoy.

I have the worst allergies and I have come down with my annual spring cold. My head feels like it might explode, my throat is like sandpaper, and I am coughing up things that look like a science experiment. I am a hot mess.

Today is Mrs. Glaser's birthday - a woman who is like a second mother to me and who has taught me SO MUCH over the 16 years that I have known her.

Mrs Glaser, Me and Elizabeth at my shower exactly one year ago!

And just a few pictures of our football-lovin boy to make your Friday complete.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get to be outside!


Cameron's 1st Birthday Inspiration

As I mentioned yesterday, we are full planning mode for Cameron's 1st birthday! His actual birthday is July 1st, but we want to be sure that he doesn't get lost in the 4th of July shuffle. (Although, it's kinda cool that we will always be celebrating for an entire week!)

To keep it a little low-key (since he will never remember it), but to make it fun enough (because I will remember it), we have combined a typical backyard bbq with a Lawn Games theme - some for the kiddos and some for us adults!

I am thinking cornhole, ribs, sandbox, water table, some shade, some beer and lots of friend...

Cameron's 1st Birthday

Do you have any amazing 4th of July/Backyard BBQ dishes to share? I have been all over Pinterest for dishes, drinks and decor! I can't wait to have all of our friends and family in one place!


Mid-Week Randoms

The Bruins won game 7 on Monday night to advance to advance in the about stressful!

We have just 4 weeks left of schools and one week of finals until we are on summer vacation!! Well, I will be working all summer, but not at school. A change of pace is always welcome.

I officially have a job next year (and the year after and the year after). I took my current job on a one-year contract due to maternity leaves, but two of the teachers have decided to job-share, so my job is open next year. Thank the good Lord!

Cameron has been sent home from daycare twice in the last week due to "getting sick." However, he hasn't been sick at home, hasn't had a fever and his personality hasn't changed much. He is tired/crank more often, but who wouldn't be if your body was continuously growing and you were always teething?! I may ask day care what their definition of "getting sick" is.

We are in full party-planning-mode for Cam's 1st birthday! More details to come...

Arbonne came out with their Summer 2013 line, and there's a pretty cool article here about it.

It's almost June. It's 45 degrees outside. I am ready for warmer weather! I went for a walk with Cam yesterday and had to cut it short because it was too cold. Really?!

My best friend, Elizabeth, is pregnant!!! She is due at the end of October and will be home in July for a baby shower!

Happy Wednesday!!


Cameron: 10 Months

This post is sooo late, but I was trying to get some good pictures to include in here...alas, I am going to post it before it's almost his 11 month birthday!!

Teeth: 8 (4 on top, 4 on bottom)

Health: You are a healthy little monster!! You did get your first diaper rash right before we left on our trip, but some good ole Arbonne Diaper Rash Cream did the trick, and it didn't bother you anymore!

Social: We went to NH for brunch with the Curcios again and you did so well with all of the people and babies! (Last time, you got hives from pineapple and got a bloody nose from falling...this was a much better trip.)

We had a baby playdate with all of my teacher friends and their babies.

You, Finn, Jameson and Dusty

You also took your first plane ride and met your half-sisters in HOLLAND! (That's a whole other, posts.)

Checking out the planes in Dublin

Toys: Not much has changed in this are into so much that your toys barely get touched! If it's a remote, shoes, cords or tupperware, you are all about it!

Sleep: We are blessed, baby! You are still waking up quite early (like 4:00 or 5:00) then going back to sleep in my arms (bad habit), but you go down around 7:30 and sleep through the night. You are back to 3 naps (You'll take a 3rd one at home if you didn't have a decent one at day care.) and are getting quite attached to your blanket (which we think is adorable).

Food: You love chocolate (munchkins, syrup, candy bars). And everything else we give you. You are not a picky eater! I am ready to give you some more, but we eat a lot of spicy/salty stuff, which is a no go for now! Oh, we did try some yogurt, and you loooved it.

Out to lunch at The Good Table

Personality: You adore your Mommy and Daddy ("Muh Muh" and "Duh Duh"). You always smile and/or laugh when we's so sweet!! We often times kiss just to get a reaction out of you. (And, we love any excuse to kiss!) When I bring you home from day care, Daddy is usually sitting at his desk working, but when he's not, you look at his desk, look around, then look at me wondering where he is!

You have a few different cries/screams for different situations:

You've started screeching when you don't want to be in your high chair anymore.

You throw a temper tantrum when we tell you "no" (like not to pull yourself up on the China hutch).

You have a frustrated cry when you get stuck in your "cruiser" (like on the edge of a carpet or between two pieces of furniture).

You've started playing peek-a-boo with us...when you are on your changing table just after a bath, you will pull the towel over your head until we say, "Where's Cameron?" Then you pull it down with the biggest grin on your face! You're so proud of yourself!! You also do it in the car seat with your blanket...I catch you in the rearview mirror and just melt.

This is really no surprise to us, but you are a charmer when people talk to you. You tilt your head to the side and give the sweetest smile. When we go to restaurants, you just watch everyone around you, but as soon as someone starts talking to you, you give them your sweet eyes and smile...everyone love sit.

Bath: You still love baths, but since we've moved you to the big bath tub, all you want to do is stand, which leads to falling, which leads to shorter baths. :( I've started taking showers with you some mornings when we can't fit a bath in before bed...I honestly love it because I never got the skin-to-skin bonding with you that mothers who breastfeed do. And, watching you play with the streams of water from the shower head is don't understand why it goes away when you go to reach for it!

Milestones: You are on the verge of walking! You have taken a few steps (sort of on the way to falling), but you understand the concept of putting one foot in front of the other in order to get somewhere. You are walking like a pro when holding onto our hands. You keep getting teeth, and you actually handle them like a pro! We do give you some Tylenol before bed some nights, but you usually don't need it!

I know I say this every month, but you are the BEST. This month has been amazing, and I cannot get enough of you. You rarely sit still when I hold you, so when you do, I just soak up those moments. I love you, bud. Thank you for the being the best part of our days. 

Momma and Dadda