Quick Workouts

So, I know that one of my major "excuses" for not working out is TIME. But, there's really no excuse when there are so many workouts that you can do in under 10 minutes!! I have copied each of these workouts onto a notecard and placed them in Cameron's nursery....when he is playing on the floor with his toys (or in his exersaucer), I bang out one of these and feel so much better. I still have to find more time for cardio and more intense workouts, but something is better than nothing

Back on Pointe has some great motivational pictures and workouts...these can all be done in just a few minutes!! Check her out!



  1. Oh! I need to print these all out! Great stuff, thanks!

  2. Love all of these :) For me, lately I just figure a good walk will be enough - just getting out there is the hard part!