Bring on 2013

There's something (a lot of things) about New Years that gives me the chills...the excitement. The fresh start. The memories of the past year. Hopes. Goals. Dreams. Visions.

I know a lot of people say that resolutions are silly because, honestly, who keeps them all year? Of course, we all want to eat healthier, work out more and make more time for ourselves, but how do we keep ourselves on track?

I saw Tracy write about monthly goals, and I thought that was the best idea ever!!! Some goals can remain the same, and some can be more seems like the best way for ME to keep myself on track.

So, here are my January Goals:

- Wash my face before bed
I am soooo bad at this! I just started a new Arbonne skin regime and will use it properly!

- Drink 64 ounces of water each day
I have been pretty good about this and can definitely feel a difference when I don't do it.

Chad and I both love this bottle because it has 32 oz, so we drink 2 a day!

- Begin working out again
I am not going to say "work out ___ times a week" or anything specific, but I do want to at least start getting back into it...

- Pay off a credit card
Chad and I are on the road to be debt-free, and I will not let anything get in our way!

- Look for a church for our family
This has been on the "back burner"for awhile, and I am really mad at myself for not doing this already!

So, I will check in with myself at the end of the month and see how I did...I will also create some new goals for February! I already have some in mind, but know that trying to squeeze them into this month is just not doable. (Is that a mature, responsible adult I hear? Holy smokes....where has the old Jess gone?!)

What are some of your goals for this month/year? 

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