Be Jolly (by golly) - 2012 Christmas Card

We almost waited too long to get Christmas cards out this year, but thanks to Walmart's 1-Hour Photo Center, we took a picture (well, we too 20+ pictures and got two good ones) on Friday, created them on Saturday, addressed them on Sunday, and mailed them on Monday. Shew! Thank goodness...I was beginning to lose faith that we would get anything in the mail in time.

I had visions in my head of these beautiful, creative, funny, unique cards this year, but things don't always go as planned. ;) I wanted to use a professional photographer so we would have a ton to pick from (and frame), but we wanted to save the money.

The weather didn't cooperate on two weekends in a row, so our friend who was going to help us couldn't do so.

Then I just lost hope that we would have cards this year.

Until Friday. When we got home from work on Friday afternoon, I changed Cameron, grabbed our pocket cam and headed outside before the sun set at 4:30. Talk about waiting until the last minute!! :) Luckily, our little guy loves to laugh at our crazy antics, so we got a couple of cute mugshots. I am quite proud of us!


  1. So so cute! I still haven't mailed my cards, so you are doing great! :)

  2. Aww..perfect! I'm just sending ours out tomorrow! Probably going to be late...oh well.

  3. so cute! i love it. merry christmas!

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