Our Thanksgiving

{Does anyone use the Blogger app on the iPhone? I upload my pictures from there, and they always upload in a different order than I want! }

On that note, I am not going to switch them around to be in order, but you can enjoy this photo collection of our weekend...We had a full, but relaxing Thanksgiving weekend that included family, friends, shopping, football and food - what more could you want?!

Thursday: Ellen's 18th Birthday Breakfast; Lunch at Mom's with Dad, Cindi, Kasey and John, followed by visitors all afternoon/night
Friday: Black Friday Shopping with Cameron, Uncle Donnie and Stacey; Portland Christmas Tree Lighting with Torre and Meg
Saturday: Football and Chili
Sunday: Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Betsy's

My little guy at the tree lighting...he was sooo good!

Do we feel a tooth? WE DO!! 

Everything goes in Cameron's mouth...including his feet!

Mimi and William. LouLou and Cameron.
{The Grandmothers with their babies}

All smiles from our little bug!

Santa's little helper

Proud Mommas with our boys
{Why, oh why, didn't I take his bib off?!}

Post-Nap Outfit...who needs pants anyways?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sweet angel baby

Our attempt at a family picture

One leg up, hands in mouth...can't get any cuter

What I'm most thankful for this year...

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!


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