Cameron (In Pictures) at 17 Weeks Old

{This is a random upload of pictures from this week. Cameron is changing so much so quickly that I am just trying to keep up with all of his pictures!}

Everything goes in his mouth right now! He especially loves these cloth books that have mirrors, sounds, textures, etc...

Bath time is still his favorite time...he can relax and put things in his mouth! ;)

This is how Cameron sleeps: with his head and neck turned back as far as possible! He's been sleeping like this since he was weird!

17 weeks

8 weeks

These pictures aren't great, but they make me laugh!! When he's at daycare, he sits in the "big boy" seats and plays with this toy...he hits it and it spins and he cracks UP. It's hilarious to see! Look at his little legs dangling...ah, he kills me!

This may be my favorite picture of him!! I crack up everytime I see looks like he's about to take off!


  1. Aww so sweet! Love how close Cameron and Ethan are in age! Like C, E adores his baths..we have the same one. And he is the cutest all swaddled up at night!! ;)

  2. Good gravy he is cute! And such a smiley happy boy!

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