Cameron: 4 Months

Cameron, baby.

Seriously? Four months? I can't tell you how happy you have made us and how much better our lives are with you in it. Yes, we get frustrated when we still don't know what you want, but your smile...your smile. It brightens our day and makes us forget anything that could have been making us sad.

You are put any and everything in your mouth - your fingers, my fingers, toys, books, blankets, have been drooling for quite awhile, and we keep checking for teeth, but nothing yet!

You do not like to miss out on anything! You love to be sitting up and standing up! If we hold you like a "baby," we don't hear the end of it until you are facing frontwards and looking around. However, you still are taking an afternoon cat nap in my arms, which is heaven for me. Otherwise, no baby snuggling anymore! :(

On that note, you are so incredibly alert. In the car, you are constantly looking out the windows. In a store, you are looking around at everyone - You love the Baby Bjorn! It let's me have my arms free and you get to see everyone. Win. Win. You watch moving objects. You turn your head towards a sound. You grab toys. You love to touch different fabrics. The Boppy is officially out the door because you can't see enough!

You are quite the talker, my love! Daddy and I "talk" back to you and always get a response! You love when I make silly noises (and I do lots of silly stuff to make you smile) and are constantly cooing and babbling to yourself and your toys.

Speaking of toys, we have started buying you more things to play with and you love them! You love rings that you can grab (and eat), Sophie the Giraffe, cloth books, your swing (now that we adjusted it for you to be sitting up), your bouncy seat (sometimes), the bumbo, balls and your playmat. I have lots of toys on my radar that are great for teething and developing your motor skills...I think Santa will make a good appearance this year! ;)

You aren't rolling over yet, but you are so close. We are still swaddling you to sleep, and will continue until you DO roll over - you sleep too well to change anything without having to! However, once we drop the swaddle, we will drop the pacifier (hopefully), which will be so nice!

You are still sleeping 10-11 hours/night without waking up. We usually start your bedtime routine with a bath at 6:30, then dry you off, put on your pjs and give you your bottle around 7. Around 7:15, I swaddle you and put you in your crib, where you all fast asleep quite quickly! We are so lucky because this gives us time to spend together before Momma crashes in bed around 8:30!

Your health is still a mystery to us. We changed your acid medicine, which seemed to help tremendously! But, this past weekend, you were back to being fussy...we think part of it is boredom at home! You are so stimulated at day care that being home is a drag for you. ;) Just kidding, but seriously...we are always on the go with you - the grocery store, Target, the mall, going for a walk - whatever works to keep you occupied.

Nighttime is a challenge for us. After your 4:30 nap, you are just miserable. You don't want to be held. You don't want to play on your playmat. You don't want to be in your swing. You're just tired and cranky and over the day. Luckily, 6:30 comes quickly and the bath turns your mood right around!

I give you lots of tummy and foot massages to help with your gas and you love them! You just lay back, relax and enjoy being pampered. I wonder where you get that from!! You had your first real cold this month and were so congested for a couple of weeks. You still have a little cough, but I think it's finally almost out of your system! You also have a little eczema on the left side of your face right above your cheek, but the doctor's not worried about it...we are just putting some Eucerin on it.

You really are a happy, sweet baby, Cameron. You smile when you see us. You wake up peacefully (most mornings) and you go down without a fuss. You love your parents and we simply adore you. Your personality is starting to show like crazy and you are learning SO MUCH so quickly. I feel like I should be doing weekly updates instead of waiting for another month to pass! We have so many videos and pictures and I am so glad that we do.

We love you, bug. Thank you for changing our lives.


You had your 4 month vaccinations on October 31, 2012. The doctor said you are totally healthy and there's nothing to worry about!

Birth: 7lbs 4oz
Left Hospital: 6lbs 10oz
10 days: 7 lbs 8oz
17 days: 8lbs 2oz
2 Months: 12lbs 2oz
4 Months: 14lbs 1oz

Birth: 21" long
2 Months: 24" long
4 Months: 25.5"

Getting pictures this month was a little more challenging than months past...and I have a feeling that it won't be getting any easier with a moving baby!!

Adorable little man...

Laughing at LouLou as she danced around trying to get a smile

Hands in mouth - perfect snapshot of this 4th month!

Not too interested in siting still...

"What in the world are you doing, LouLou?"

Trying to sit up...He was not interested in sitting still!

Seriously...are you done yet?! Haha

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  1. I love reading posts about other 4 month olds...Kaden's doing many of the same things! Happy 4 month Cam!