Cameron: 20 Weeks

My, oh my....this week has been PHENOMENAL!!! Cameron has been such a joy - so happy, relaxed and FUN! There have been no fits (only crying for bottle, diaper or sleep, which is such a change) and we have sooooo enjoyed taking him out!

{Disclaimer: I have never not enjoyed being Cameron's mom, but it's never been this easy.}

I should probably not even write this, so I don't jinx it, but I am shouting it from the rooftops!! Could the colic be gone? Could he be pain-free, at last? Lord, please...that would be the biggest blessing! Seeing him in pain just kills me. Downright tears my heart out.

Anyways, back to Cam-Man...

Weight: I have no idea, but he has grown. He looks bigger. He's drinking more. It must be all of the moving he's doing in the exersaucer. He's a machine in that thing!! It's our new best friend. :)

Health: He has been an angel baby since last Monday. He's smiling all the time. He's laughing at it. He's just sitting and relaxing, which is amaaazing on a Saturday morning! He rarely has gas, and when he does, he knows how to get it out, and it doesn't bother him! He does get downright nasty fussy when he's sleepy, tired or dirty, but I'll take it!! As long as I know I can fix whatever's wrong, I am ok with it. He's taking his acid medicine once a day (We changed it to the morning, which has been great for preventing the evening meltdown).

Sleep: Ok, we are seriously stopping the swaddle tomorrow night. And the pacifier. All at once. BOOM! Yikes, this mamma is scared!! We are going to put him down in his crib and let him go. I am sad already because I know that boy is going to cry! But, my mom said that she forgot my bottle at daycare one night and instead of buying a new one, she let me cry myself to sleep, and I never needed another bottle before bed after that! So, let's hope that this transition is just as smooth. We are going to swaddle his body, but leave his arms out - ahhhhh, this is like the most stressful thing I've done in awhile. Where's the wine?!

Social: We were all kind of sick this past week and came down with straight up colds towards the end of the week. We missed Moe's birthday party on Friday night, and, instead, stayed home wrapped up in blankets on the couch. Saturday afternoon, we went to my Dad's and yesterday, we hiked Bradbury Mountain!

Diet: Cameron has been guzzling some formula this week! We have also added in some butternut squash, and he's actually starting to like it (we think). Last night, he ate 2 ice cubes full (we froze them in ice cube trays, which have been perfect), so I sent some to day care today.

Everything else is pretty much the same...same toys, same likes/dislikes, etc. This coming week is Thanksgiving, and we have some pretty low-key plans. I am also in the process of trying to get his Christmas pictures taken, but his eczema is not going away, so I think we have to use a little Photoshop. ;)

Happy Monday!!!

Jess, Chad and Cameron

Our handsome little devil...

How we eat dinner now...thanks to Mum Mums, Sophie, grab toys and his high chair!

Sick cuddles with Daddy...

Blurry, but he is soooo happy!!!!

Hanging out at Grandpa's

Bradbury Mountain with Momma and LouLou

The best shopping companion...straight chillin


  1. Yay Cam (and mommy)!

    Kaden's tried avacoado and sweet potatoes. Seems to like both but doesn't know how to swallow....

  2. So happy to hear he is feeling a little better this week! And that pic of him in the Fedora - oh man. Straight up cute, your little guy. (But you knew that already.) :)