If money weren't a thing...

In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes.
Top down, screamin out, money ain't a thang!
I love me some old school Jay-Z!

Did you buy a PowerBall ticket last night? We did. And so did my mom. Any my aunt. And my cousins. And our neighbors. And millions of other people in the US.

Did you win? (If you did, I do hope you share!) We didn't even get one number correct, but that didn't stop us from talking about what we would do if we had $578 million.

So, if money weren't an issue...

- We would purchase a house that's big enough for our family and guests, but not too big that it didn't feel homey. This condo would be just right!
- We would pay off our parents' homes and cars.
- We would put $500,000 into savings for Cameron's college so he could go to any school he wanted and travel abroad as much as possible.
- We would purchase a penthouse in NYC.
- We would purchase a home in La Jolla, CA.
- We would visit Chad's daughters as much as possible!
- We would have one extra car...well, maybe two!
- We would pay off all of our debt.
- We would travel A LOT more.
- We would help every helpless person we could. (This would be #1 after paying off debt and visiting Chad's daughters.)
- We would hire someone to cook and clean for us so we could enjoy our time together as a family.
- We would have a professional photographer follow us around.
- We would adopt some babies who need a loving family.
- We would randomly hand wads of cash to people who deserve it. (Think Ellen and Oprah combined!)

It's fun to imagine all of the things that you could do if money weren't an issue....but, in reality, money is always an issue for most Americans. Especially us. I wrote about how we were struggling financially and got sooo many comments about other people who are, too. Life is not defined or measured by money, but boy would it be nice to not be thinking about it 24/7!

We are on a strict budget now (that has been broke due to needing new brake pads this week) that makes me hopeful that money won't always be such a stress factor for us...Do you have any budget tips? We are soooo bad about going over our food budget! We try to menu plan, but it doesn't always work out. Sometimes, we are so tired that ordering a pizza is easier than cooking something. I need to get in the habit of prepping before so that all we have to do is open the Crock Pot or pop a casserole into the oven!

Anyways, what would you do if money weren't a thing?

Dear Santa...Love, Cameron

I have been "pinning" some ideas for Cameron for Christmas, but also came across this article that made me laugh out loud. Numbers 4, 7, and 10 are especially true for us - the less noise, the better! We have plenty of things that make noise to keep Cameron entertained for a good couple of years. And this toy:

As if being a "boy mom" doesn't freak me out enough with worms, dirt and snakes, THIS makes me want to puke without even seeing it in person. It reminds me of Biology with Sr. Ruth and the amount of effort I put into NOT doing this. Gag me. Please no. If you DO ever buy this for Cameron, YOU are helping him with it!! I will be getting a pedicure and drinking champagne...

Now, onto some toys that we would LOVE for our little guy....(Disclaimer: I am not asking for gifts, but people have already started requesting ideas!)

(They are cheaper at Walmart, but I can't find it online)

(minus the baby, we already have one!)

Basically, anything that he can grab or with a lot of colors is right up his alley! I'm sure we will come across a ton more things, but maybe Santa will make a special visit...he has been a good boy, afterall!

Do you have any other suggestions for a 6 - 12 month old boy? 


Current Baby Items: 3 - 6 Months

During the first few months of Cameron's life, there were only a few things that we couldn't live without:
  • Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing 
  • Bob Stroller
  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle
  • Mams Pacifiers
  • White Noise Machine
Now, as he is older and a little more independent, there are so many things that make days at the Scott house a lot more enjoyable for everyone!

Arbonne Baby Products, Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station, Target Diapers

BOB Revolution SE Stroller, Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Baby Bjorn Active Carrier

Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini, Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center, Fisher-Price My Little SnugaBunny Cradle n Swing, Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Bright Starts Lots of Links, Lamaze toys, Munchkin Fresh Food Teether, Sophie the Giraffe

I could probably write pages on each of these products, but I'll spare you! If you have any specific questions about them, please feel free to ask me! There are also so many other products (mostly toys) that have been thrown into our daily cycle, but I will save those for a future post.

Do you have any other products that are "must haves" in your house?


Hi, I'm Jess.

Hi, there. This is kind of awkward...I wanted to write a post about us and our family, but I have no idea how to do that without being very generic. So, I will just start writing...

I'm Jess. Chad's my "partner." We aren't married, but we have a little boy together. His name is Cameron. I don't have a fancy camera, so our pictures aren't great, but they work. I teach. Chad cooks.

I know I have you hook, line and sinker now!

We are obviously a very untraditional family, as you can tell, but it's not just because we are not married with a baby...

We've both been married. And divorced. We both had big, expensive weddings with lots of friends and family present. And those friends and family still support us...as odd as our story is!

Chad also has two daughters who live in Holland (the country). We haven't seen them since April 2011. It's not easy. At all. 

Oh yeah, he was once my boss. So taboo! 

And, we uprooted ourselves from Virginia to move to Maine without jobs or a place to live. (Thank goodness my mom has a big basement!)

But, we are happy. And in love.

We are struggling financially...we have credit card debt, student loans, childcare, child support, car payments...when will it ever end? It doesn't seem fair sometimes. We work hard. We're educated. We're experienced. We're ADULTS. Why are we living with my mom? It's hard sometimes, but it's taught us to be patient and wait for Him to tell us what our next step is.

I started writing this blog for our family to keep up with us and Cameron, and I have quickly become attached to some other "Mommy Blogs." I love to read about other babies, products, routines, methods, clothes, and toys, but also find myself checking out some blogs that have nothing to do with babies. I do tend to write about Cameron more than anything because this is for us and our family, and it's already become such a great "Baby Book" for us to look back on. I can't imagine how fun this will be to have in a few years when Cameron is a toddler and maybe Baby #2 is on the way!!

So, if you have a blog about babies (or fashion, food. teaching or decorating), please let me know!! I'd love to follow along...

Our Thanksgiving

{Does anyone use the Blogger app on the iPhone? I upload my pictures from there, and they always upload in a different order than I want! }

On that note, I am not going to switch them around to be in order, but you can enjoy this photo collection of our weekend...We had a full, but relaxing Thanksgiving weekend that included family, friends, shopping, football and food - what more could you want?!

Thursday: Ellen's 18th Birthday Breakfast; Lunch at Mom's with Dad, Cindi, Kasey and John, followed by visitors all afternoon/night
Friday: Black Friday Shopping with Cameron, Uncle Donnie and Stacey; Portland Christmas Tree Lighting with Torre and Meg
Saturday: Football and Chili
Sunday: Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Betsy's

My little guy at the tree lighting...he was sooo good!

Do we feel a tooth? WE DO!! 

Everything goes in Cameron's mouth...including his feet!

Mimi and William. LouLou and Cameron.
{The Grandmothers with their babies}

All smiles from our little bug!

Santa's little helper

Proud Mommas with our boys
{Why, oh why, didn't I take his bib off?!}

Post-Nap Outfit...who needs pants anyways?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sweet angel baby

Our attempt at a family picture

One leg up, hands in mouth...can't get any cuter

What I'm most thankful for this year...

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!


Pre-New Years Resolutions

Do you love Pinterest? I know I do! But I pin a lot and often times forget to go back and actually read what I pinned...

So, today, I went back and looked through some pins and am so inspired! (Aren't we all?!) I am inspired to cook, bake, decorate, create and organize...so I will just tackle one that might help with the rest: Organizing!! And, since we live with my Mom, the more organized we all are, the better!

As a result of being inspired by Pinterest, I have created my own organization list. I am not  going to do a certain thing on a certain day, and I'm not going to do something every day, but I AM going to do all of the following by the end of 2012...watch me.

1. Organize upstairs coat closet and entry way in garage for coats/shoes
2. Laundry Room Baskets - One basket for clothes to donate. One basket for hand washing items. One basket for tailor/dry cleaner. Genius, right? I am also going to add a basket for things to sell on eBay. Holla!
3. Organize the pantry
4. Organize kitchen drawers and cabinets
5. Organize clothes with help from this chart
6. Organize sock/intimates drawers
7. Create a "Command Center" for bills, filing, address book, menu planning, coupons, etc...
8. Organize office: Work vs. Home
9. Create a manual/warranty binder
10. Organize electronics/batteries
11. Label trash and recycling bins
12. Stair baskets - one for Chad, Cameron and myself to gather at the top so we can just carry baskets down instead of having all of our "stuff" gathered upstairs
13. Organize bathroom closet
14. Organize my closet (shared with Cameron and Mom)
15. Organize back storage room
16. Create a family binder
17. Organize garage storage
18. Create a family cookbook

I think these are doable by the end of 2013! I am going to try to post some tips that help me along the way, so maybe they will help you (or at least keep me on track).


Cameron: 20 Weeks

My, oh my....this week has been PHENOMENAL!!! Cameron has been such a joy - so happy, relaxed and FUN! There have been no fits (only crying for bottle, diaper or sleep, which is such a change) and we have sooooo enjoyed taking him out!

{Disclaimer: I have never not enjoyed being Cameron's mom, but it's never been this easy.}

I should probably not even write this, so I don't jinx it, but I am shouting it from the rooftops!! Could the colic be gone? Could he be pain-free, at last? Lord, please...that would be the biggest blessing! Seeing him in pain just kills me. Downright tears my heart out.

Anyways, back to Cam-Man...

Weight: I have no idea, but he has grown. He looks bigger. He's drinking more. It must be all of the moving he's doing in the exersaucer. He's a machine in that thing!! It's our new best friend. :)

Health: He has been an angel baby since last Monday. He's smiling all the time. He's laughing at it. He's just sitting and relaxing, which is amaaazing on a Saturday morning! He rarely has gas, and when he does, he knows how to get it out, and it doesn't bother him! He does get downright nasty fussy when he's sleepy, tired or dirty, but I'll take it!! As long as I know I can fix whatever's wrong, I am ok with it. He's taking his acid medicine once a day (We changed it to the morning, which has been great for preventing the evening meltdown).

Sleep: Ok, we are seriously stopping the swaddle tomorrow night. And the pacifier. All at once. BOOM! Yikes, this mamma is scared!! We are going to put him down in his crib and let him go. I am sad already because I know that boy is going to cry! But, my mom said that she forgot my bottle at daycare one night and instead of buying a new one, she let me cry myself to sleep, and I never needed another bottle before bed after that! So, let's hope that this transition is just as smooth. We are going to swaddle his body, but leave his arms out - ahhhhh, this is like the most stressful thing I've done in awhile. Where's the wine?!

Social: We were all kind of sick this past week and came down with straight up colds towards the end of the week. We missed Moe's birthday party on Friday night, and, instead, stayed home wrapped up in blankets on the couch. Saturday afternoon, we went to my Dad's and yesterday, we hiked Bradbury Mountain!

Diet: Cameron has been guzzling some formula this week! We have also added in some butternut squash, and he's actually starting to like it (we think). Last night, he ate 2 ice cubes full (we froze them in ice cube trays, which have been perfect), so I sent some to day care today.

Everything else is pretty much the same...same toys, same likes/dislikes, etc. This coming week is Thanksgiving, and we have some pretty low-key plans. I am also in the process of trying to get his Christmas pictures taken, but his eczema is not going away, so I think we have to use a little Photoshop. ;)

Happy Monday!!!

Jess, Chad and Cameron

Our handsome little devil...

How we eat dinner now...thanks to Mum Mums, Sophie, grab toys and his high chair!

Sick cuddles with Daddy...

Blurry, but he is soooo happy!!!!

Hanging out at Grandpa's

Bradbury Mountain with Momma and LouLou

The best shopping companion...straight chillin

Cameron: 19 Weeks

I am going to start doing (bi)weekly updates on Cameron because there's just too much to fit into a month! So, enjoy. ;)

Weight:14lbs 14oz

Health: He still has a little cough that sounds a lot worse than it is (we think). He is still taking omeprazole once a day for his acid reflux, which doesn't bother him anymore unless we forget his medicine (oops). His eczema that was on his left cheek bone has now spread down his cheek and onto his right cheek and shoulder...a call is in to the doctor to see if we should come in today.

Sleep: This weekend has been quite a change for us...we have been swaddling Cameron since he was about 3 weeks old and just stopped "cold turkey." We ordered something called Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit that a friend recommended to help transition out of the swaddle. We used it on Friday and Saturday nights with OK results...I was up almost every 30 minutes putting the pacifier back in his mouth because he kept startling himself with his hands! Last night, we swaddled him again because he was so agitated with a stuffy nose and cough and all 3 of us were miserable. However, he was still up all night with his cough and stuffy nose, so I ended up sleeping on the couch with him - in swaddle. Tonight, we will try no swaddle again because I really don't think it made that much of a difference!

Social: This week was pretty low-key. I had parent-teacher conferences Monday and Wednesday night, Election Day was Tuesday and Thursday night was cold, wet and snowy! Friday night, we went to Applebee's with my dad, and Saturday night we stayed in after a trip to Target and Shaw's! Last night, Cindi came over and stayed for dinner, but Cam was not too keen on the idea of visiting...he was happy playing by himself. :)

Diet: We are still on Alimentum and have started to introduce "food." We have tried rice cereal, peas and butternut squash. So far, they are all a no-go, but I think he's still learning how to eat...he just pushes it back out. He's also had more gas in the last couple of days, which may be from the food (even though it's not a lot), so we are going to hold off until next weekend to try again.

Baby Gear: Cam still loves Sophie the Giraffe, his bumbo, Baby Bjorn, his playmat, rings and anything else he can put in his mouth! And, he got an exersaucer this weekend and LOVES IT! I have a feeling that we are about to become surrounded by baby toys! (And I love it!)

Crying: Cameron knows what he wants and will let you know when he doesn't want something. Sometimes he likes to be on his mat, in his bumbo, in his swing, sitting on your lap...you never know until you try it and he either cries or doesn't. He also cries when he's tired, hungry or dirty...such a change from when he cried almost 24/7! Thank you, Lord.

Likes: Sitting/standing, being "talked" to, bath time, anything in his mouth, arching his back just enough that he almost rolls over, going to bed, his pacifier and his exersaucer

Milestones: Cameron rolled over from his stomach to his back!! Granted, he was so frustrated about "Tummy Time" that he unintentionally rolled over, but still, he did it! :) We did it twice one night, then of course wouldn't do it again once we tried to get a video!

Cameron also experienced his first "snow storm," even though it was a measly 2" on Thursday morning. ;) We bundled him up in his hat and winter suit and off to daycare/school we went!

Loving his exersaucer...so many things to play with!

Getting some lovin from his Daddy!


His "space suit" AKA Magic Sleeper

Not a fan of peas!

Most adorable outfit (and boy) ever!

All bundled up at the playground

Ms. Sophie...his bff