Cameron has learned how to blow bubbles and does it all. the. time. It's simply adorable.

He weights a whopping 13.5 lbs, as of last week. We have been to the doctor's a few times since October 11 due to his increase in pain (crying), so his doctor switched his acid medicine. This has helped tremendously and he is back to his old self again.

Cam got his first real cold this past week from daycare. He is so congested and sounds so pitiful when he coughs, sneezes or cries, but I secretly think it's the cutest thing in the world. He doesn't have a fever, so the doctor says there's nothing to worry about!

He also went to see an Integrated Health Specialist who did some manipulation of his back and neck. Apparently, growing inside of a tummy for 9 months while curled up into a ball can cause some kinks - who knew?! :) Cameron enjoyed it while it was happened (I mean, seriously...who doesn't enjoy a massage?), but I haven't noticed any long-term affects. We go back on Wednesday, October 31 for a follow-up and his 4 month shots!

We are still swaddling him at night, but that is about to change because he keeps breaking out of them. Yes, them...we double swaddle him because he has been too long for the Miracle Blanket for quite some time, so we put a fleece one on top to keep his little toes from getting too cold. And, it has worked to keep him extra snug. But, alas, we have to end this glorious sleeping routine. Even with his cold, he is still sleeping 11+ hours at night! Let's hope this doesn't change when we take off the swaddle.

Tomorrow is Chad's birthday!! Whoop whoop!! We don't have anything planned, but we may head out to the movies or cocktails while LouLou watches little Cam...we'll see. We are still on a tight budget, but I think we can splurge on the movies for a special birthday. ;)

That's all for now!! The end of the quarter is near, so that means lots and lots of work for me!


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  1. Hope the little man is feeling better. There is nothing sadder than a sick baby!