One Year Ago...

This week in 2011 was incredibly...ODD.

Let's recap. At this point, we knew that we were moving from Maryland to Maine, but we didn't know that there would be three of us instead of two!

Sunday, October 23: We drove to Maine to bring up Chad's Jeep, get his license (since his would expire in just 3 days) and drop off our first car loads of stuff.

Monday, October 24: Chad cooked a delicious steak dinner with wine and I ate it - but I didn't feel that great. I turned down the wine and that is not like me!

Tuesday, October 25: We drove back to Maryland to pack up the rest of our house.

Wednesday, October 26: Chad's birthday! We had planned a small get together at Donna's house to celebrate his birthday with just the Millers and Heckenbacks. Donna cooked a fabulous dinner - each course was paired perfectly with wine. Once again, I ate and drank (as to not be rude!), but did not feel well. I went home and collapsed into bed.

Thursday, October 27: We packed the remainder of the house so we could head down to Roanoke to say goodbye to Chad's family. In the process of packing, guess what I found? A pregnancy tests! Of course I took it, and sure enough...The Scott Family was about to grow by one more!

Friday, October, 28: We drove to Roanoke and shared the news with Chad's family. They were the first to know!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Roanoke, spending time with family and gathering the last of Chad's things. A lot of my time was spend on the couch and in, did that nausea hit me early!

Sunday, we drove back to Maryland in a UHaul truck, loaded it on Monday morning and said goodbye to the Millers. We cried and hugged and cried some more. :( I still miss them more than ever!!

Monday, October 31 at 5:30 pm, we decided to get on the road. Our original plan was to leave early Tuesday morning, but we were already packed and were anxious to get on the road. Plus, we wanted to miss a lot of the traffic and decided to just get past the bridge in NYC and find a hotel room for the night.

So, we started driving...and drove until we reached Maine! There was a HUGE snowstorm the day before, and there was not a single hotel room from NY to ME. Seriously. We ended up pulling over at a Dunkin Donuts around 5am to rest for an hour and finally arrived in Maine around 9am.

So, let's hope that this coming week is filled with just as much love, support and happiness, but maybe we can skip the excitement?! ;) I need a little time to recuperate after just reading what happened last year!



  1. isn't it crazy how fast such a busy year can go! congrats on all your fun events :)

  2. How fun to look back a year ago when you found out! Time flies and so much changes in a year!