Cameron: 3 Months

You are an longer a newborn. You don't seem like a newborn anymore.

You smile.

You see.

You talk (well, in your own way).

You grab.

You laugh.

You play.

You're amazing. You're learning and I can see it in your eyes - you want to do so much more than you are capable of doing right now and I am just waiting for that breakthrough - it's so soon...
- pulling up
- rolling over
- pushing up

You're in size 2 diapers and 0-3 clothes (but about to burst out of most of them!). We just bought you some 6-9 month pajamas that you are wearing now (even though they are a tad big).

You are sleeping from 7:30/8 until 6/6:30 with a few cries in the middle of the night for your pacifier - we are still swaddling you, but are going to stop as soon as your arms stop flailing in your sleep. They (Moms on Call) say that once we stop swaddling you, we stop going in to put your pacifier in.

When a pacifier's not in your mouth, your fingers (well your hands) are! You love to suck on your fingers/hand and make the cutest sound when you do!

You love to eat. You are eating 5-7 oz five times a day: 6:30, 10:00, 1:30, 4:30 and 7:30 (usually). We try to keep you on a pretty consistant schedule so that you stay happy (and sleep through the night)! You are still on Alimentum and taking acid reflux medicine...and every now and then we give you gas meds and gripe water to help with the gas discomfort. 

Your bedtime routine is still the same: bath, swaddle, bottle, bed. You usually go down without a fuss and stay asleep the whole night. You haven't woken up once in the middle of the night since you were eight weeks old (KNOCK ON WOOD). When we stop swaddling you, we are going to start reading books before bed...we do read to you some now while you are on the changing table or in the bath and you love the pictures of animals.

Speaking of animals, your playmat is your favorite thing to do (you just stare at the animals hanging) and you sat in the Bumbo last week for the first time! Seeing you in the bumbo makes me want to stop time. Seriously. You look so big in that thing!

Your temperament is getting better each definitely still have gas pains (and loud gas), but you smile so much and are starting to laugh! However, there are still times that nothing we do makes you happy. Is it pain or just your personality? I guess time will tell...

Some things you LOVE: bathtime, being held tight, ceiling fans, smiling, car rides, sitting up on the couch or in your Bumbo, being held facing outwards, watching TV, your playmat, your swing, pacifiers

Some things you don't love so much: getting out of the bath, changing outfits, waking up, being burped, getting in and out of the car seat, being held "like a baby", dirty diapers

This past month, Daddy and I went away to Boston overnight while LouLou and Pam watched you - they said you were an angel! You've also been going to the same daycare all month and have a few girlfriends. ;) We visisted with Grandpa lots and you got your first set of shots...and your first "illness."

Daddy and I love you more than you could ever imagine. You are our sunshine and our happiness. Your morning smiles make our day and your giggles and coos while you are on your playmate bring tears to our eyes...literally. You are so special to us and we feel so honored to be your parents.

What will month 4 bring? We can't wait to see!!


P.S. Check out Months 1 and 2!

You love to eat your hands...

You are still sneezing a lot (I hope you don't have my allergies)!

You are smiling tons! We especially love your crooked smile and dimple....

You love hearing your Daddy's voice

We even get a few laughs out of you!

That twinkle in your eye when you see someone you love...I hope it stays there forever!


  1. AWWWWWW Jess! He's growing up so fast! He is so handsome. Good job mommy and daddy! ;-)

  2. Awww so so sweet!! He's adorable!!!! His dislikes are the exact same as Addie Mae! I think we have the same baby!!!! :)

    You & I need lots of drinks with these fuss pots! Addie Mae owes me a BREEZE of teenage years.

  3. Oh he is soooo cute! I love that pumpkin shirt...where is it from?

  4. Such a handsome boy! Love his smile! This is so fun- it's like a sneak peek of what's to come in another month for us!

  5. So sweet! The 3-6 month phase is such a fine one. They learn so much!