Chad's Birthday Weekend

Well, now that Chad is part of our family, he knows that we do birthdays BIG! He turned the big 4-1 this year, so what did I do? I got him 41 looked like Christmas morning. :)

All wrapped up and numbered 1-41

Most of his goodies: snacks, gum, socks, soap (his favorite kind), CD, DVD, underwear, beef jerky, lottery tickets, scratch tickets, new workout pants, "IOU"s, chocolate, etc...

I asked Chad what he wanted to do for his birthday and he said, "Hang out with my family." So, that's what we did. :) We went to Freeport on Friday afternoon and walked around a bit. We stopped for take-out on the way home and spent the rest of the night relaxing as a family (minus 2).

Saturday morning, we were up nice and early and decided to walk to Bernie's for breakfast with my mom. Cameron was great and loved all of the attention he got from everyone!

During the day on Saturday, I worked for a little, so Chad and Cameron got some 1-on-1 tie. I'm pretty sure neither of them minded doing nothing but watch football all day!

On Saturday afternoon, we went to my Dad's house for some cake and snacks to celebrate Chad. Cameron was a ham, like always, and looked precious in his little crab outfit. 

Daddy playing the drums with Cam as he laughed away!

Cam looooves to stand and see everything!

Sunday morning, Cameron decided that he wanted to get up extra early, so Chad made breakfast and we all hung in our pjs for awhile before we went grocery shopping together. 

Cameron's new friend, Sophie.

Sunday afternoon, I took Cameron to Target, Applebee's and TJMaxx with my dad while Chad worked. 

When we got home, we got the house ready for Hurricane Sandy, did some laundry, put Cam down and watched some football before I passed out at 10:00 8:30. 

We hope you all had a great weekend and stay safe during the storm!!


They say it's your birthday...Happy Birthday to ya!

Happy, happy, happy birthday to my #1 man, baby daddy, soulmate, best friend and life partner. I am so incredibly thankful to have you by my side everyday, and Cameron, Peyton and Mica are the luckiest kiddos in the world to have you as their Daddy.

Here's to you, baby!

I love you with all my heart and am honored to be the one you have chosen to spend your life with!



Cameron has learned how to blow bubbles and does it all. the. time. It's simply adorable.

He weights a whopping 13.5 lbs, as of last week. We have been to the doctor's a few times since October 11 due to his increase in pain (crying), so his doctor switched his acid medicine. This has helped tremendously and he is back to his old self again.

Cam got his first real cold this past week from daycare. He is so congested and sounds so pitiful when he coughs, sneezes or cries, but I secretly think it's the cutest thing in the world. He doesn't have a fever, so the doctor says there's nothing to worry about!

He also went to see an Integrated Health Specialist who did some manipulation of his back and neck. Apparently, growing inside of a tummy for 9 months while curled up into a ball can cause some kinks - who knew?! :) Cameron enjoyed it while it was happened (I mean, seriously...who doesn't enjoy a massage?), but I haven't noticed any long-term affects. We go back on Wednesday, October 31 for a follow-up and his 4 month shots!

We are still swaddling him at night, but that is about to change because he keeps breaking out of them. Yes, them...we double swaddle him because he has been too long for the Miracle Blanket for quite some time, so we put a fleece one on top to keep his little toes from getting too cold. And, it has worked to keep him extra snug. But, alas, we have to end this glorious sleeping routine. Even with his cold, he is still sleeping 11+ hours at night! Let's hope this doesn't change when we take off the swaddle.

Tomorrow is Chad's birthday!! Whoop whoop!! We don't have anything planned, but we may head out to the movies or cocktails while LouLou watches little Cam...we'll see. We are still on a tight budget, but I think we can splurge on the movies for a special birthday. ;)

That's all for now!! The end of the quarter is near, so that means lots and lots of work for me!


One Year Ago...

This week in 2011 was incredibly...ODD.

Let's recap. At this point, we knew that we were moving from Maryland to Maine, but we didn't know that there would be three of us instead of two!

Sunday, October 23: We drove to Maine to bring up Chad's Jeep, get his license (since his would expire in just 3 days) and drop off our first car loads of stuff.

Monday, October 24: Chad cooked a delicious steak dinner with wine and I ate it - but I didn't feel that great. I turned down the wine and that is not like me!

Tuesday, October 25: We drove back to Maryland to pack up the rest of our house.

Wednesday, October 26: Chad's birthday! We had planned a small get together at Donna's house to celebrate his birthday with just the Millers and Heckenbacks. Donna cooked a fabulous dinner - each course was paired perfectly with wine. Once again, I ate and drank (as to not be rude!), but did not feel well. I went home and collapsed into bed.

Thursday, October 27: We packed the remainder of the house so we could head down to Roanoke to say goodbye to Chad's family. In the process of packing, guess what I found? A pregnancy tests! Of course I took it, and sure enough...The Scott Family was about to grow by one more!

Friday, October, 28: We drove to Roanoke and shared the news with Chad's family. They were the first to know!

Saturday and Sunday were spent in Roanoke, spending time with family and gathering the last of Chad's things. A lot of my time was spend on the couch and in, did that nausea hit me early!

Sunday, we drove back to Maryland in a UHaul truck, loaded it on Monday morning and said goodbye to the Millers. We cried and hugged and cried some more. :( I still miss them more than ever!!

Monday, October 31 at 5:30 pm, we decided to get on the road. Our original plan was to leave early Tuesday morning, but we were already packed and were anxious to get on the road. Plus, we wanted to miss a lot of the traffic and decided to just get past the bridge in NYC and find a hotel room for the night.

So, we started driving...and drove until we reached Maine! There was a HUGE snowstorm the day before, and there was not a single hotel room from NY to ME. Seriously. We ended up pulling over at a Dunkin Donuts around 5am to rest for an hour and finally arrived in Maine around 9am.

So, let's hope that this coming week is filled with just as much love, support and happiness, but maybe we can skip the excitement?! ;) I need a little time to recuperate after just reading what happened last year!


Comparisons: 4 weeks to 15 weeks

It's amazing to see how much Cameron has grown!!

LEFT: 4 weeks old - barely taking up half of the playmat!
RIGHT: 15 weeks old - almost spilling off the edges 
(Well, not quite, but I like to be dramatic!)

LEFT: 4 weeks old

RIGHT: 15 weeks old

These are the times that I am glad that I've taken so many pictures! 

A Quick Weekend Recap and Pictures!

Friday: We went to watch Megan and Madison play a volleyball match against Scarborough. Cameron was in the Baby Bjorn and did great!! We kept him out past his bedtime (only by 30 minutes) and he was out like a light as soon as we fed him his bottle.

Saturday: I worked in the morning and brought Cam with me. He played on his playmat and loved being worn in the Baby Bjorn while I vacuumed and did some laundry. He even took a little nap. ;)

Saturday night: Chad and I went to dinner at Boda then to Cirque du Soleil as an early birthday present for him! It was amazing...It was also Mica's birthday and Mike's birthday, so it was a special day for Chad!

Sunday: I took Cameron shopping/walking around the mall while Chad worked. When we got home, we tried to feed Cam some rice cereal, but he was not having it! I think we will wait until he's a little older and isn't having so many gas/acid issues.

Before the volleyball game...

One of the teachers I work with made Cameron this hat! It's perfect for him!

Cam still loves bathtime...and putting anything in his mouth!

Ma, seriously...enough with the pictures!

Friday was Fall Fest at school...a nice break from the typical day, but a little hectic.

Cam loving his Bumbo...and whatever's on TV!

LOVING his smile!!

So, it was a nice weekend, but kind of stressful. Cameron has been screaming lately instead of crying and he isn't eating as well as he used to. We took him to the doctor on Thursday (He weight 13 lbs 5 oz) and the doctor changed his acid medicine. We are going back tomorrow to see his real doctor (He was out last Thursday.) and maybe go to a Pediatric GI. With his lack of eating, increased sleeping and screaming fits, he wants to be sure that it's not something more than just acid. Cameron's daycare said that Monday was the worst day he's ever had. :( Poor guy...It kills me to see him cry in pain!! He is still sleeping through the night, though, so I keeping praying that it stays that way!



"In the tapestry of childhood, what stands out is not the splashy, blow-out trips to Disneyland, but the common threads that run throughout and repeat: the family dinners, nature walks, reading together at bedtime, and Saturday morning pancakes."
Kim John Payne

Dear Cameron,

This may be the corniest post that I will ever write (probably not), but I'm your mom and I'm allowed to be as emotional as I want. ;)

I am currently sitting at work (Shhh, don't tell my boss!) and today is "Fall Fest" at school. Each class is wearing their colors:

Freshmen: White
Sophomores: Blue
Juniors: Red
Seniors: Black

The purpose of today is to get as many points for your class as possible. They get points by decorating halls, an assembly production and lots and lots of games throughout the day. The kids are so excited that it's Fall Fest and I can see their true adolescence coming a good way! These days, it seems like kids want to act, dress and look so much older that they miss out on being a "kid" sometimes. But, not today. They're dressed in ridiculous outfits and are just laughing and gabbing away without a care in the world.

This is where you come in, Cameron. I want you to have FUN as a child. I want you to be responsible, mature and respectful, yes, but I also want you to act like a kid. I can't wait for you to play with trains, balls and blocks. I can't wait to watch you at your first t-ball practice. (Gah! I'm tearing up already!) I can't wait to help you make Valentines cards for your classmates (hopefully that's still PC when you are in elementary school). I can't wait to take you shopping for your first middle school dance. I can't wait for YOU to be at Fall Fest. I can't wait to help you look at colleges. I can't wait to watch you grow. But, not too fast.

You have to enjoy being a kid. You have to play in dirt. You have to play outside. I don't even want to buy you a game station - I never had one, and I turned out just fine! You have to ride your bike (and wear your helmet) to your friends' houses. You have to build forts with your Dad (and Mom). You have to climb trees. You have to get skinned knees and chins (and go to the ER, I guess...I've heard that it's inevitable if you're a "boy" mom).

Anyways, I just want to give you the best life possible, and I don't want you to miss out on anything. I don't want you to feel like you have to act older than you are. I want you to live each year as it's supposed to be lived. And, so far, you're doing a great job at that. ;)


14 Weeks: An Update

So, we have noticed Cameron being a little more fussy than normal, wanting to sleep a lot, and not wanting to each as much. We kept waiting to see if a tooth was coming through, if it was a cold that had to pass or if it's true what they say: Colic is really, really bad right before it's over.

Well, 10 days of extreme fussiness and no change, we decided to take him to the doctor's today. I secretly kind of like going to the doctor just to be sure that everything is OK and to check on his weight.

He weighed in at 13lb 5oz today and the doctor said he is perfectly healthy except for a mild cold (nothing to worry about), a little eczema (that is usually a telling sign of allergies to come...poor little man will probably inherit all of my allergy issues) and some acid reflux still.

So, she upped his acid meds and dosage to three times a day and gave us some suggestions for lotions. She also suggested that we start adding rice cereal to his bottle and start with some veggies soon. SERIOUSLY? Our little man is going to start eating FOOD? Holy smokes, this totally snuck up on me! I guess it's time to do some research...


How can you not smile when you see this? (Or am I just extremely biased?!) 


Just another day in the office...

On Monday, I had the day off from work and Cameron's daycare was closed, so we got to spend the entire day together! We relaxed, had a play date with Jameson and Lynn and then I had to go to work for a couple of hours, so Cam went to work with LouLou.

Jameson with the toy Cameron got for him!

Let me introduce to you the future CEO of APM: Cameron Scott.

Hello, everyone!

Now listen here....

What, I can't suck on my hand at work?!

What in the world is this thing? It isn't colorful, noisy or squishy like my other toys!

Can I help you? I'm kind of busy, here...

This work thing is pretty easy...

My hand is way more interesting than these papers...

Don't mess with the boss, or else...

Quick update: Cam is 14 weeks and his colic is still rearing it's ugly head...but, we read that it gets really bad right before it ends. Please pray that this is the case because he has been not happy these last few days!! We also think he has a little cold - his nose is stuffy and his cries/coughs sound congested. I'm off to call his doctor!

Jess, Chad & Cameron

Cameron: 3 Months

You are an longer a newborn. You don't seem like a newborn anymore.

You smile.

You see.

You talk (well, in your own way).

You grab.

You laugh.

You play.

You're amazing. You're learning and I can see it in your eyes - you want to do so much more than you are capable of doing right now and I am just waiting for that breakthrough - it's so soon...
- pulling up
- rolling over
- pushing up

You're in size 2 diapers and 0-3 clothes (but about to burst out of most of them!). We just bought you some 6-9 month pajamas that you are wearing now (even though they are a tad big).

You are sleeping from 7:30/8 until 6/6:30 with a few cries in the middle of the night for your pacifier - we are still swaddling you, but are going to stop as soon as your arms stop flailing in your sleep. They (Moms on Call) say that once we stop swaddling you, we stop going in to put your pacifier in.

When a pacifier's not in your mouth, your fingers (well your hands) are! You love to suck on your fingers/hand and make the cutest sound when you do!

You love to eat. You are eating 5-7 oz five times a day: 6:30, 10:00, 1:30, 4:30 and 7:30 (usually). We try to keep you on a pretty consistant schedule so that you stay happy (and sleep through the night)! You are still on Alimentum and taking acid reflux medicine...and every now and then we give you gas meds and gripe water to help with the gas discomfort. 

Your bedtime routine is still the same: bath, swaddle, bottle, bed. You usually go down without a fuss and stay asleep the whole night. You haven't woken up once in the middle of the night since you were eight weeks old (KNOCK ON WOOD). When we stop swaddling you, we are going to start reading books before bed...we do read to you some now while you are on the changing table or in the bath and you love the pictures of animals.

Speaking of animals, your playmat is your favorite thing to do (you just stare at the animals hanging) and you sat in the Bumbo last week for the first time! Seeing you in the bumbo makes me want to stop time. Seriously. You look so big in that thing!

Your temperament is getting better each definitely still have gas pains (and loud gas), but you smile so much and are starting to laugh! However, there are still times that nothing we do makes you happy. Is it pain or just your personality? I guess time will tell...

Some things you LOVE: bathtime, being held tight, ceiling fans, smiling, car rides, sitting up on the couch or in your Bumbo, being held facing outwards, watching TV, your playmat, your swing, pacifiers

Some things you don't love so much: getting out of the bath, changing outfits, waking up, being burped, getting in and out of the car seat, being held "like a baby", dirty diapers

This past month, Daddy and I went away to Boston overnight while LouLou and Pam watched you - they said you were an angel! You've also been going to the same daycare all month and have a few girlfriends. ;) We visisted with Grandpa lots and you got your first set of shots...and your first "illness."

Daddy and I love you more than you could ever imagine. You are our sunshine and our happiness. Your morning smiles make our day and your giggles and coos while you are on your playmate bring tears to our eyes...literally. You are so special to us and we feel so honored to be your parents.

What will month 4 bring? We can't wait to see!!


P.S. Check out Months 1 and 2!

You love to eat your hands...

You are still sneezing a lot (I hope you don't have my allergies)!

You are smiling tons! We especially love your crooked smile and dimple....

You love hearing your Daddy's voice

We even get a few laughs out of you!

That twinkle in your eye when you see someone you love...I hope it stays there forever!

Weekend Recap

This past weekend, Chad and I went out of town for the night without Cameron!

Our friends, Lisa and Leonard Wheeler, were in Boston for a wedding and graciously invited us down to spend the night with them! They treated us to a fabulous dinner and put us up in an amazing hotel.

We left Portland around 2 on Friday afternoon and stopped to see Cameron on our way out. BAD IDEA! We were both crying in the car as we left the daycare. After we settled down a bit, we stopped at the NH Liquor store and started to enjoy ourselves a little (well, not while driving, but once we got to Boston)!

We got dressed up and headed out on the town. We had some cocktails with the Wheelers then enjoyed a wonderful 3-course tasting dinner with a bottle of wine. After dinner, we got to crash the wedding pre-party and met up with Moe!! She was such a trooper: She ran 17 miles Friday night then still came out to meet us until 1:30 am! {Speaking of 1:30 am...this momma is not used to staying out that late! I was hurting when we woke up at 6:30 on Saturday morning!}

Anyways, we were both so excited to get back to Cameron that we were on the road by 8 and in our house by 10:30. We spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing with Cameron while rain storms passed us by. We did get out on Sunday to run some errands but quickly retreated home as Cameron got a little impatient.

Overall, it was nice to get away together, but I think it's safe to say that both Chad and I were very happy to be home and to spend the rest of the weekend with our little man.

Some pictures that Mom sent us while we were away...and you wonder why we rushed home?!?

Jess, Chad & Cameron