September Causes

Did you know that September is Newborn Screening Awareness Month? Neither did I, but it's oh-so important, so I wanted to post about it, just in case anyone I know is thinking about or going to have a baby.

We did it, and so should you!

Screening babies in the hospital before they go home is not required in every state, but it should be! If babies go home sick and undetected, the worst imaginable thing could happen. I won't even say it because it makes my heart sink to even think that something could have happened to Cameron and it could have been prevented!!

Anyways, you can check out the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation for more information.

September is also National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. 

Did you see the Stand Up to Cancer concert they had on every. single. channel. last week? We watched it for a few minutes, but it was much too sad. Taylor Swift sang a song called Ronan that is about a little boy who died at the age of line sings:

What if I'm standing in your closet
Trying to talk to you?
And what if I kept your hand-me-downs
You won't grow in to?

Are you serious? I completely lost it and had to change the channel. Why do such awful things have to happen to such innocent babies? 

Anyways, these are two very important causes to protect our babies. I hope they were helpful!


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  1. This is a great post and reminder, Jess. We had Maddy screened before leaving the hospital. It was just another way to give us peace of mind that she was as healthy as she could be before coming home. And most insurance plans cover it too! (Little known fact). Parents shouldn't have this important procedure overlooked.