Cameron: 2 Months

Let's see...a brief update about Cameron - I will post height, weight, etc after we go to the doctor on Friday for his 2 month shots! Eeek!!!

Update: He is 12lbs 2oz and 25" long!

He is on a GREAT schedule that we worked really hard to create. We read some wonderful books - Baby Whisperer and Moms on Call - that helped us create a schedule that works for US. I leave the house in the mornings by 7, so Cameron's first feeding is around 6:30. He was eating 5 oz every 3 hours, but just switched (completely on his own, but it's good timing according to Moms on Call) to eating 6 oz every 3.5-4 hours! We are letting him create his own eating schedule for now, as long a she doesn't nap more than 2 hours at a time. Ideally, he will eat at 6:30, 10:00, 1:30, 4:00 and 7:30 to be in bed at 8:00. However, some nights, he takes a bath earlier because his gas is so uncomfortable and sometimes he doesn't eat enough because of his gas, also. Poor guy...we are trying everything we can to help him with the pain!!

We also just switched formulas back to Alimentum, which is dairy and soy free. It is so much easier for him to digest, but makes him spit up so much because it's so thin. Argh...we can't win! We've started to add probiotics to 2 bottles a day (1/4 tsp in each); we've heard it can help! We will try anything...Gas drops, Grip Water and acid reflux medicine have been life savers for us for his stomach issues...we just keep waiting for him to "grow out of it." We will see what the doctor says on Friday.

We just bought size TWO diapers...our "little" man is growing so fast!! He is wearing all 0-3 month clothes except pajamas are 3-6 months because his legs are so darn long. Long-sleeve tops are becoming a norm now that fall is approaching and socks are always covering his little toes. 

The pacifier almost never leaves his mouth, which has me nervous for when we don't want him to use it anymore! He has it when he sleeps and it wakes him up when it falls out of his mouth...we play a fun game ALL. NIGHT. LONG. consisting of him dropping it, crying and waking us up. Actually, it only happens a couple of times a night, but goes something like this: he has gas, lifts his legs, cries a little, and the pacifier falls out. Sometimes he doesn't wake up, but when his little legs come out of the swaddle and he gets cold, then he wakes up, realizes his pacifier isn't there, then cries until one of us wakes up and puts it back in his mouth. Darn gas! When will it end??

What else?? He is smiling AT us and not just when he has gas. It's adorable and melts my heart when his crooked smile pops up. 

He loves to play on his playmat and just stare at either the animals hanging down or the ceiling. He also loves to stare at ceiling fans, whether they are moving or not!

His sisters, Peyton and Mica, are IN LOVE with him! They skype every week and love to look and laugh at Cameron. We are planning a trip to visit them in November...we can't wait to see them interact!!

The car seat and stroller are hit or miss. Most of the time, he is happy to just look around and/or take a nap. Sometimes, though, he hates them!! We try to do walks most days and as long as he has his pacifier or is tired enough to take a nap, he is fine.

I think that's all for a quick update for now...hopefully, we will post a couple of times a week with lots and lots of pictures!! :)

Jess, Chad & Cameron

Starting at your Daddy...

Skinny, long legs...I wonder where you get those?!

There's a little smile...we're still waiting to see a big one!

Not too sure about all of this!!

Hello, everyone!!

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