Cameron: 25 Weeks

It's getting so hard to remember how many "weeks" Cameron is! It's a lot easier to say he's 5 1/2 months!

There have been some big changes since his 5 month update...

He's officially in size 3 diapers (and filling them every night).

Sitting, smiling, drooling and chewing...that's our boy!

Sleep: We were back to fully swaddling him (because he wasn't rolling over and everyone thought we were crazy for stopping before we needed to), but then he started sleeping on his stomach. Yikes! (Please don't judge us for being bad parents) He was sleeping awesomely (and breathing just fine), but I decided to transition to his Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit, and it has worked so well for us. We have also started having him sleep in our room in his Pack n Play because he needs a humidifier and his bedroom is too open for one to work. I think the combination of the warmth of our bedroom and the humidifier is working so well for him (and us)! {Sidenote: He has regressed a little in the sleeping-through-the-night department because I have been picking him up when he cries so nobody else in the house wakes up from him crying, but I have started letting him cry himself back to sleep again - it's more of a whimpering - and it's worked so well. Those of you who are hesitant with the CIO method, it has saved. our. lives.}

Teeth: He has his two bottoms ones, but we swear another one is on its way. He is drooling like crazy and has been sort of extra fussy lately.

Cameron met Santa this past week!

Health: His eczema is gone!! We finally got a steroid cream from the doctor, and it was gone within two days!! I am kicking myself for not asking for it sooner, but we were hoping it would clear on its own and we wouldn't need meds. Cam's still congested, but our fingers are crossed that the humidifier is helping with that. The doctor prescribed an inhaler, but he wanted NO part of that!

Food: We have added carrots and peaches into the mix, so he is getting 3 "meals" per day of baby food (pears/peaches and rice cereal for breakfast, squash or sweet potatoes for lunch and carrots for dinner) with bottles in between. We tried peas again, and he still wasn't a fan...He's spitting up a lot, so I'm not sure why...I kind of thought it would be ending by now? Any advice?

Toys: We have a few toys that move on their own, and he loves to watch them and has started kicking his legs like he wants to chase after them!! We will have a mobile baby in no time! He still loves his exersaucer, and it is starting to jump in it more. We tried the Johnny Jumper again, and it's just too big for him, I think. It comes up to his mouth, so it's perfect for him to chew on, but he bounces all around in it...Do they have smaller ones? Santa may have to investigate...

(They also have Follow Me Fiona)

Milestones: Cameron has started to learn about cause-and-effect...he has learned that hitting a certain button on his exersaucer causes a song to play, and he has learned that when he waves his hand in the bath, he splashes himself. It's so fun to watch him do something over and over again because he knows what will happen!! He has also started to respond when we clap...I'm not sure if he's just excited and waving his arms or if he is trying to copy us! Either way, we get excited. ;)

Otherwise, he is a super active, alert and happy baby. He does get suuuper frustrated when he gets bored, and I think he just wants to move independently so badly, but he can't. I can't wait for him to become more independent. I love watching him learn. It literally makes my heart melt.

Cozy Vacation

Today starts my 11 day vacation and I cannot wait!! I have no plans, so I will be spending a lot of time with the following things:

Yoga Pants (not me, btw)

Red Wine

Warm, Soft Blanket

Movie Favorites

Oh, and this little man since his daycare is closed all week! ;)

I can't wait to do nothing for a few days...because we all know that after less than a day, I will be cleaning or organizing something! I have forgotten how to relax!!


Exercise, Schmexercise....

I think that this may be the worst time to be talking about exercising since all I can focus on is eating and doing nothing for over a week, but I have GOT to get back on board. I can't wait to feel comfortable in my own clothes again...getting dressed lately has been so blah lately.

It's been so hard since I've had Cameron to find time to work out. And to eat right. Or at all. So, I've managed to lose most of my baby weight, but there is a lot more jigglin going on all around...I need to tone it up!

One of my best friends, Magen, is going to the National Personal Training Institute to be a Personal Trainer and is always posting inspiring pictures on Instagram. She also writes for RippedNFit and TweakFit. She has worked so hard to get where she is, and you can't help but to be jealous of her amazingly ridiculously ripped body.

Magen then and Magen now...amazing!

She is a great motivator because she is always posting quick ways to fit in workouts, challenges, fitness gift ideas and more! And, if you send her a message on Facebook, she is so happy to give you some help. She loves what she does and she loves to help other people!!

Posted on Instagram yesterday

So, she is my motivation and go-to person to get back in shape. Between her articles, pictures and posts, I know I will be able to find plenty of workouts and tips to keep me in line.

I can't wait to get a routine into place and start working on ME!

Be Jolly (by golly) - 2012 Christmas Card

We almost waited too long to get Christmas cards out this year, but thanks to Walmart's 1-Hour Photo Center, we took a picture (well, we too 20+ pictures and got two good ones) on Friday, created them on Saturday, addressed them on Sunday, and mailed them on Monday. Shew! Thank goodness...I was beginning to lose faith that we would get anything in the mail in time.

I had visions in my head of these beautiful, creative, funny, unique cards this year, but things don't always go as planned. ;) I wanted to use a professional photographer so we would have a ton to pick from (and frame), but we wanted to save the money.

The weather didn't cooperate on two weekends in a row, so our friend who was going to help us couldn't do so.

Then I just lost hope that we would have cards this year.

Until Friday. When we got home from work on Friday afternoon, I changed Cameron, grabbed our pocket cam and headed outside before the sun set at 4:30. Talk about waiting until the last minute!! :) Luckily, our little guy loves to laugh at our crazy antics, so we got a couple of cute mugshots. I am quite proud of us!

The Big 3-0...

Well, today's the day!! I am turning THIRTY years old, and boy does it feel good! Seriously...I like it. I like saying I'm 30. I am, in no way, where I thought I would be at 30, but I don't care. Who lives their life exactly as planned? That's no fun!!! God has to throw in some hurdles, curves and ditches, and I'm fairly sure that I am pretty lucky. I can sit here and think of all of the troubles and hardtimes I've had, but who am I kidding? I have an amazing partner. A wonderful family. An excellent job. And the most beautiful, heart-warming creation - Cameron.

As a tribute to this big milestone, I thought I would share 30 things that I have learned so far...

1. Don't open credit cards. Open one that offers fantastic rewards (cash, flights, etc) and only use it when you have the money in the bank to pay it off immediately. I know you shouldn't have regrets, but I regret opening credit card accounts! I am still paying off those dinner, shoes and couches that I purchased 6 years ago!

2. If you are fortunate enough to go to college, live on campus. I know that living at home saves money, blah, blah, blah. But, if you can, live on your own!! You learn so much about yourself (including how to do laundry and make Ramen Noodles). It's so very worth it.

3. Travel as much as you can!

4. Go to as many interviews as you can. Even if you aren't 100% interested in the job, you never know who you will meet. And, who may even end up liking the job! Plus, it's great experience to mess up in an interview that doesn't matter as much to you.

5. Join a group. Church. Junior League. Book Club. Be involved!

6. Never judge a person until you've been in their shoes. Boy, have I learned this time and time again!

7. People can change. For better and for worse.

8. You don't lose friends. You just realize who is important.

9. Don't smoke. ICK.

10. Don't drink too much. (You look like an idiot and do stupid things.)

11. Say YES (as long as it's not life-changing or dangerous)

12. Don't rush life. Just because you are dating someone at the age of 24 and you think you should be married at the age of 25, don't marry them!! It's worth the wait...

13. Move away from home. Living in a different state really forces you to find yourself. And really opens your eyes to who matters.

14. Having a kid changes your life completely. Don't forget about your pre-baby friends, but don't be surprised if your circles changes. Your true friends will always be there.

15. Having a girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife changes your life completely. Don't forget about your friends when you go into a relationship!!!!

16. Don't judge. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

17. Be nice to everyone. Open doors. Say hello.

18. Build and cherish your relationship with your parents. As much as you dislike them as children, you will turn to them first when adulthood becomes too much.

19. Marry someone like your father.

20. Family is SO important. Your cousins will become your best friends. Your aunt and uncles will become like parents.

21. Wash your hands.

22. Take risks.


24. Drink lots of water. ;)

25. DO NOT drink and drive. No matter how "fine" you think you are. And don't get in the car with someone who has been drinking. It's not worth it!

26. Tattoos don't define a person. Don't judge.

27. As much as you plan your life, He has a different plan. Don't fight it.

28. Respect your body.


30. LOVE....quickly, unconditionally, forever.

I have learned so much (When I thought I knew it all at the age of 18!), but I know that I am not done learning! What have you learned in your life? Looking back at my list, I think my biggest lesson has been don't judge! I like to consider myself extremely open-minded, but I still find myself judging a bit too quickly...bad trait!!

So, here's to me and my life of 30 years...Cheers!

Cameron: FIVE Months

Baby Cameron,

I know that I will say this every month (and have probably said every month so far), but I cannot believe you are 5 months old!! However, I cannot remember life before you, so it feels like you have been with us forever...

Let's see. This past month has been FULL of fun things - I did a couple of weekly updates to stay on track because there are just too many things happening between "monthly" updates!!

Diapers: 2 (We just bought a box of size 3)

We are swaddling you with one-arm out, which is working better than no swaddle (which we tried to do cold turkey), but you are breaking out of it around 4am and thinking it's time to play!!! So, needless to say, your 11-hour nights are gone for now. We are going to try cold turkey again at Christmas when we have lots of time off from work...Lord knows none of us will get any sleep those first few nights! But, for now you are sleeping from around 7 - 4, drinking a bottle and usually going back to sleep before we have to get up for work and day care. I can't get mad, though, when you're lying in your crib jabbing to yourself for 20 minutes in the middle of the night...I think it's adorable!!!

You have TWO TEETH!!! You got your first one on Thanksgiving and your second one on Tuesday, November 28th. We had no idea that the first one was coming (although you were a little fussier than normal), but we knew the second one was coming because you were just not yourself for a couple of days: you were fussy, not sleeping well (then sleeping a LOT), had a runny nose, etc...We give you Tylenol before bed to keep any pain at bay, and are using Highlands Teething Tablets when we don't think you need Tylenol (we try to only give that when necessary).

You are an eating machine now. You were not a fan of peas (don't worry - we will be trying them again soon!), but love sweet potatoes, butternut squash and pears! We haven't tried anything else yet because we are making sure that you don't have any allergies (since I am allergic to everything). {You can check out a video of Cameron trying pears for the first time here!} You are still drinking Alimentum formula 5-6 times a day - usually around 7 oz even with solids!!! You are literally growing before our eyes!!

You are not a fan of the Bumbo wiggle and lift your butt so much that I am afraid to put you in it! You love your exersaucer and the playmat...I think a Johnny Jumper is in our future! You love anything that you can grasp and put in your mouth: rings, stuffed animals, Sophie, balls, blankets, fingers...

You LOVE your feet. Whenever you are laying down or sitting on our laps, your hands automatically go to your feet and you roll right over still holding onto your little toes! Changing you makes me laugh every time because I have to battle between your arms to get to your diaper!

Speaking of aren't sitting on your own, but you are getting closer. We try to practice as much as possible, but, like tummy time, you aren't a fan. You get frustrated and cranky almost immediately!

Your clothes are a mix between 3-6 months and 6-9 months...your pajamas are either 6 or 9 months depending on the fabric (weird, huh?). For some reason, you are still fitting into 0-3 month pants, but they are becoming high-waters on you, so I think we will be putting those away soon.

You celebrated your 1st Thanksgiving this past month and were a doll!! We had so many people in and out all day, and you just laughed and smiled at everyone!

Your smile brightens our day and we can get you to laugh when we act as crazy as possible...sometimes you laugh when we are putting lotion on you, too, which makes our hearts melt.

I love you, bug.


Dear 16 Year Old Cameron

As a mom, I see so many things every day that I want to jot down to remember to tell Cameron one day. As a BOY mom, I see so many things that high school boys do that I wish I could comment on, but I can't, so I don't. But, I remember.

As I was walking into school this morning, there were two boys just a few steps ahead of me. Thinking that they might open the door for me since I was carrying my work bag, a lunch bag and a coffee, I got a little pep in my step. But, as I approached the door, the first boy walked through...then the second. Then I thought maybe they'd at least hold the door as they walked through...nope. There wasn't even an attempt to push the door further open for me. They just walked right through as if nobody was behind them. Do you know how awkward that is to try to catch a closing door...with a coffee in your other hand?!

And my hopes got crushed.

Just kidding...maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but seriously? Have they never seen a man open (or at least hold) a door for another person? I always hold the door for the person behind me.


Dear 16 Year Old Cameron,

Please open the door for the person behind you. If you don't see anyone behind you, take a quick peek before the door starts closing to be sure someone didn't sneak up on you, and hold the door for them.

Always give up your seat for a woman, child or elder...they need it more than you.

Silence is usually worth more than words. Never speak without thinking. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Be tactful. You can convey something negative in a non-hurtful way.

Write thank you notes (not texts or whatever you will be doing in 2028) to your parents, girlfriends, (girlfriend's parents), teachers and family members...just one line of gratitude goes further than you think.

Do as much good for others as you can. I know at this age, the last thing you will want to do is volunteer, but do it. (I will make you.) And enjoy it. Drop a few quarters in the Salvation Army bucket at Christmas time. Buy an extra sandwich at Subway and give it to a homeless person. You don't need a lot of money or time to change someone else's life.

Don't worry about what everyone thinks of you. Trust me, they are just as concerned with what you think of them

Go to football games and school dances.

Work hard. You will be getting a part-time job as soon as you are old enough to do so. This will teach you responsibility in so many ways. It's amazing to me the difference in kids who have jobs and who don't. Amazing.

Buy me flowers. It will melt my heart. ;)

Buy your girlfriend flowers. Or just write her that note...she'll cherish that for years to come, even if you aren't still together.

Don't cheat. On your girlfriend. On tests. In life. It will catch up with you.

Don't brag. Nobody wants to hear it. Dad wrote a quote that I have hanging in my classroom that says, "People do not care what you know unless they know you care." Truer words have never been spoken.

Don't lie. The truth always comes out.

Pray. Not just when you need something, but when you are thankful. We do this now with you, and it's my favorite part of the day. I hope this continues.

Eat dinner with your family. I know things will come up like jobs and practice, but please don't take us for granted. Sit down, put your phone away and enjoy a conversation with your parents. You might even's ok!

I feel like I could go on and on and on, but I won't...yet. I'm sure there will be many more posts like this. It makes me happy and sad to listen to my students talk about their life. About how rushed it is. Or how nice dinner was with their parents. About how hard they work on an essay and end up with an A! Or how they have put off all their homework because they were playing video games all night. 

I hope I can find a balance for Cameron. I hope that we teach him well. I hope he is calm. And spirited. And loving. And open-minded. I pray for all of these things every night.

Sweet Baby Cameron, I want you to be happy. And feel loved. Always.


If money weren't a thing...

In the Ferrari or Jaguar, switchin four lanes.
Top down, screamin out, money ain't a thang!
I love me some old school Jay-Z!

Did you buy a PowerBall ticket last night? We did. And so did my mom. Any my aunt. And my cousins. And our neighbors. And millions of other people in the US.

Did you win? (If you did, I do hope you share!) We didn't even get one number correct, but that didn't stop us from talking about what we would do if we had $578 million.

So, if money weren't an issue...

- We would purchase a house that's big enough for our family and guests, but not too big that it didn't feel homey. This condo would be just right!
- We would pay off our parents' homes and cars.
- We would put $500,000 into savings for Cameron's college so he could go to any school he wanted and travel abroad as much as possible.
- We would purchase a penthouse in NYC.
- We would purchase a home in La Jolla, CA.
- We would visit Chad's daughters as much as possible!
- We would have one extra car...well, maybe two!
- We would pay off all of our debt.
- We would travel A LOT more.
- We would help every helpless person we could. (This would be #1 after paying off debt and visiting Chad's daughters.)
- We would hire someone to cook and clean for us so we could enjoy our time together as a family.
- We would have a professional photographer follow us around.
- We would adopt some babies who need a loving family.
- We would randomly hand wads of cash to people who deserve it. (Think Ellen and Oprah combined!)

It's fun to imagine all of the things that you could do if money weren't an issue....but, in reality, money is always an issue for most Americans. Especially us. I wrote about how we were struggling financially and got sooo many comments about other people who are, too. Life is not defined or measured by money, but boy would it be nice to not be thinking about it 24/7!

We are on a strict budget now (that has been broke due to needing new brake pads this week) that makes me hopeful that money won't always be such a stress factor for us...Do you have any budget tips? We are soooo bad about going over our food budget! We try to menu plan, but it doesn't always work out. Sometimes, we are so tired that ordering a pizza is easier than cooking something. I need to get in the habit of prepping before so that all we have to do is open the Crock Pot or pop a casserole into the oven!

Anyways, what would you do if money weren't a thing?

Dear Santa...Love, Cameron

I have been "pinning" some ideas for Cameron for Christmas, but also came across this article that made me laugh out loud. Numbers 4, 7, and 10 are especially true for us - the less noise, the better! We have plenty of things that make noise to keep Cameron entertained for a good couple of years. And this toy:

As if being a "boy mom" doesn't freak me out enough with worms, dirt and snakes, THIS makes me want to puke without even seeing it in person. It reminds me of Biology with Sr. Ruth and the amount of effort I put into NOT doing this. Gag me. Please no. If you DO ever buy this for Cameron, YOU are helping him with it!! I will be getting a pedicure and drinking champagne...

Now, onto some toys that we would LOVE for our little guy....(Disclaimer: I am not asking for gifts, but people have already started requesting ideas!)

(They are cheaper at Walmart, but I can't find it online)

(minus the baby, we already have one!)

Basically, anything that he can grab or with a lot of colors is right up his alley! I'm sure we will come across a ton more things, but maybe Santa will make a special visit...he has been a good boy, afterall!

Do you have any other suggestions for a 6 - 12 month old boy? 


Current Baby Items: 3 - 6 Months

During the first few months of Cameron's life, there were only a few things that we couldn't live without:
  • Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing 
  • Bob Stroller
  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle
  • Mams Pacifiers
  • White Noise Machine
Now, as he is older and a little more independent, there are so many things that make days at the Scott house a lot more enjoyable for everyone!

Arbonne Baby Products, Skip Hop Pronto! Changing Station, Target Diapers

BOB Revolution SE Stroller, Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Baby Bjorn Active Carrier

Tiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini, Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center, Fisher-Price My Little SnugaBunny Cradle n Swing, Baby Einstein Sea Dreams Soother

Bright Starts Lots of Links, Lamaze toys, Munchkin Fresh Food Teether, Sophie the Giraffe

I could probably write pages on each of these products, but I'll spare you! If you have any specific questions about them, please feel free to ask me! There are also so many other products (mostly toys) that have been thrown into our daily cycle, but I will save those for a future post.

Do you have any other products that are "must haves" in your house?


Hi, I'm Jess.

Hi, there. This is kind of awkward...I wanted to write a post about us and our family, but I have no idea how to do that without being very generic. So, I will just start writing...

I'm Jess. Chad's my "partner." We aren't married, but we have a little boy together. His name is Cameron. I don't have a fancy camera, so our pictures aren't great, but they work. I teach. Chad cooks.

I know I have you hook, line and sinker now!

We are obviously a very untraditional family, as you can tell, but it's not just because we are not married with a baby...

We've both been married. And divorced. We both had big, expensive weddings with lots of friends and family present. And those friends and family still support odd as our story is!

Chad also has two daughters who live in Holland (the country). We haven't seen them since April 2011. It's not easy. At all. 

Oh yeah, he was once my boss. So taboo! 

And, we uprooted ourselves from Virginia to move to Maine without jobs or a place to live. (Thank goodness my mom has a big basement!)

But, we are happy. And in love.

We are struggling financially...we have credit card debt, student loans, childcare, child support, car payments...when will it ever end? It doesn't seem fair sometimes. We work hard. We're educated. We're experienced. We're ADULTS. Why are we living with my mom? It's hard sometimes, but it's taught us to be patient and wait for Him to tell us what our next step is.

I started writing this blog for our family to keep up with us and Cameron, and I have quickly become attached to some other "Mommy Blogs." I love to read about other babies, products, routines, methods, clothes, and toys, but also find myself checking out some blogs that have nothing to do with babies. I do tend to write about Cameron more than anything because this is for us and our family, and it's already become such a great "Baby Book" for us to look back on. I can't imagine how fun this will be to have in a few years when Cameron is a toddler and maybe Baby #2 is on the way!!

So, if you have a blog about babies (or fashion, food. teaching or decorating), please let me know!! I'd love to follow along...

Our Thanksgiving

{Does anyone use the Blogger app on the iPhone? I upload my pictures from there, and they always upload in a different order than I want! }

On that note, I am not going to switch them around to be in order, but you can enjoy this photo collection of our weekend...We had a full, but relaxing Thanksgiving weekend that included family, friends, shopping, football and food - what more could you want?!

Thursday: Ellen's 18th Birthday Breakfast; Lunch at Mom's with Dad, Cindi, Kasey and John, followed by visitors all afternoon/night
Friday: Black Friday Shopping with Cameron, Uncle Donnie and Stacey; Portland Christmas Tree Lighting with Torre and Meg
Saturday: Football and Chili
Sunday: Thanksgiving dinner at Aunt Betsy's

My little guy at the tree lighting...he was sooo good!

Do we feel a tooth? WE DO!! 

Everything goes in Cameron's mouth...including his feet!

Mimi and William. LouLou and Cameron.
{The Grandmothers with their babies}

All smiles from our little bug!

Santa's little helper

Proud Mommas with our boys
{Why, oh why, didn't I take his bib off?!}

Post-Nap Outfit...who needs pants anyways?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sweet angel baby

Our attempt at a family picture

One leg up, hands in mouth...can't get any cuter

What I'm most thankful for this year...

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!!